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SolidWorks Plastics

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SOLIDWORKS PLASTICS OPTIMIZE THE DESIGN OF PLASTIC PARTS AND INJECTION MOLDS VERIFY MANUFACTURABILITY SOLIDWORKS® Plastics makes it easy for companies that design plastic parts or injection molds to predict and avoid manufacturing defects during the earliest stages of design, eliminating costly rework, improving quality, and accelerating time-to-market. Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD, this intuitive software helps part designers, mold designers, and CAE analysts optimize designs for manufacturability without leaving their familiar 3D design environment.

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Simulation-driven design for plastics part production SOLIDWORKS Plastics brings injection molding simulation directly to designers of plastic parts and injection molds. You don't have to be an expert to easily identify and address potential defects by making changes to the part or mold design, plastics material, or processing parameters, saving resources, time, and money. Intuitive workflow and design advice SOLIDWORKS Plastics works directly on your 3D model, avoiding translation issues. You see the impact of design changes right away. Powerful and fast state-of-the-art meshing covers...

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“With 40 years in plastics development, I’m excited by SOLIDWORKS Plastics. Users will be able to optimize part and mold designs in the earliest stages of development.” — Ed Honda, President, hondaDesign, LLC THE COST OF CHANGE While the cost of making changes is low in the early stages of product development, the impact is highest. The sooner you can optimize your plastic parts and injection molds for manufacturability, the better. The challenge in plastics part production is determining how your part or mold design impacts manufacturing and how manufacturing will impact your design, and...

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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • Windows® 7 (preferably 64 bit) or Windows 8 SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium includes everything in SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional plus advanced simulation functionality that allows users to analyze mold cooling line layouts and predict molded part warpage. • Cooling line analysis: Design and analyze simple or complex mold cooling line layouts • Reduce time and cost: Optimize cooling system design to minimize cycle times and decrease manufacturing costs • Improve overall process: Optimize part and mold design, material selection, and processing parameters to reduce or...

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