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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - 1

SOLIDWORKS FLOW SIMULATION GET ENGINEERING INSIGHTS WITH CONCURRENT CFD ANALYSIS FOR MARKET WINNING INNOVATION SOPHISTICATED SIMULATION IS NO LONGER JUST FOR SPECIALISTS “What if?” It’s the inspiration that fuels innovation—and with SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation software, you remove the risk and replace it with a 3D workspace to virtually test your new ideas, develop new designs, and help accelerate your products to market.

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - 2

“Using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, we were able to challenge some fundamental ideas about design and dramatically boost performance, improving efciency by 25 percent.” — Travis Kenworthy, Engineer , ClearStream Environmental, Inc Concurrent engineering for more informed design SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation gives product engineers access to powerful CFD (computational uid dynamics) analysis capabilities that help enable them to speed up product innovation. Leveraging the familiar SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment, this extensive technology isn’t just about making sure your product works, it’s about...

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - 3

“SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation not only improves our productivity and efciency, but also lets us tackle heat transfer challenges that we would not be able to resolve without it.” — Bernd Knab, Development Manager, POLYRACK Tech-Group Optimize the thermal performance of your PCBs and electronic components You can perform component thermal analysis on designs incorporating printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronics with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and the Electronic Cooling Module. The Electronic Cooling Module features a comprehensive set of intelligent models in addition to the core...

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - 4

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • Windows 7® (preferably x64) or Windows 8 • Utilize Section or Surface plots to study the distribution of resultant values, including velocity, pressure, vorticity, temperature, and mass fraction • Compare the Fluid Flow results for various congurations with the Compare Mode • Measure results at any location with the Point, Surface, and Volume Parameter tool • Graph results variation along any SOLIDWORKS sketch • List results and automatically export data to Microsoft® Excel® • Communicate your CFD results in 3D with SOLIDWORKS eDrawings® SOLIDWORKS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT...

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