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SOLIDWORKS CircuitWorks - 1

ELECTRICAL CAD TO MECHANICAL CAD BIDIRECTIONAL EXCHANGE INTERGRATED ECAD TO MCAD TRANSLATOR CircuitWorks™ is a powerful electronic CAD/ECAD translator that enables engineers to create accurate 3D models of circuit boards in SOLIDWORKS® 3D design software. Using CircuitWorks, electrical and mechanical design teams can deliver highly detailed models with automatic synchronization between electrical CAD (ECAD) and mechanical CAD (MCAD), giving your company a competitive edge. As part of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D technologies, CircuitWorks enables you to share, compare, update, and track electrical design data to help you more quickly resolve electrical-mechanical integration problems. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers can work closely in creating complex designs, helping to speed up the product development process, save time and development costs, and accelerate time-to-market.

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SOLIDWORKS CircuitWorks - 2

ELECTRICAL CAD TO MECHANICAL CAD EXCHANGE Efciently collaborating on CAD data is one of the prevalent challenges for mechanical and electrical designers. When developing a consumer product such as a laptop, where reducing size and weight while preserving aesthetics are all important criteria, the Electrical Engineer designing the printed circuit board (PCB) and selecting components (such as fans and power supplies) must clearly communicate ECAD data to the Mechanical Engineer. In turn, the Mechanical Engineer needs to clearly communicate back mechanical design changes affecting the design...

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SOLIDWORKS CircuitWorks - 3

Support CircuitWorks supports common IDF 2.0, IDF 3.0, IDF 4.0, and PADS (*.asc) le formats. IDF is a standard interchange format that can be written and read by a large number of popular ECAD systems including: • Altium® Designer® and P-CAD® PCB • Cadence® Allegro® and OrCAD® Layout • CIM-Team GmbH CADES-G • I.B. Friedrich Target 3001! • Intercept Pantheon® • Mentor Graphics® Board Station® and Expedition® PCB • Mentor Graphics Supermax ECAD® and PADS® Power PCB • Number One Systems™ Easy-PC™ • Tsien BoardMaker • Valor Trilogy 5000™ and Enterprise 3000™ • Visionics™ EDWinXP™ • WestDev...

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SOLIDWORKS CircuitWorks - 4

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • Windows® 7 (64-bit) or Windows 8 (64-bit) • 2 GB RAM (minimum) SOLIDWORKS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION • 5 GB disk space free (minimum) SOLIDWORKS software provides users with an intuitive 3D development environment that helps maximize the productivity of your design and engineering resources to create products better, faster, and more cost-effectively. See the full range of SOLIDWORKS software for design, simulation, technical communication, and data management at • Certied video card and driver • Intel® or AMD® processor • DVD or...

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