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PhotoWorks Product Overview

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PRODUCT INFORMATION PHOTOREALISTIC RENDERING SOFTWARE, FULLY INTEGRATED WITH SOLIDWORKS 3D MECHANICAL CAD SOFTWARE Generate compelling images for presentations and proposals. Why settle for standardshaded views of your parts and assemblies when you could be communicating design concepts more powerfully with photorealistic images? Enjoy unmatched ease-of-use. PhotoWorks Studio lets you quickly and easily create photorealistic images. Select from five predefined scenes complete with background and lighting,designate the desired image quality and brightness, and then render your image. Create advanced visual effects. Generate photorealistic images of 3D models easilyusing commands available on the PhotoWorks menu and toolbar. PhotoWorks software is built on mental ray > , the leading high-performance rendering engine. The softwareincludes an extensive library of materials and textures, user-defined lighting and shadows, background scenery, and more. Select appropriate material characteristics for yourSolidWorks parts and assemblies. Preview a variety of materials and settings beforeapplying them to the model. Set the background, lighting, and scenery conditions. Combine with SolidWorks Animator to create photorealistic rendered animations. Reduce prototyping costs and cut time-to-market. PhotoWorks release 2 lets you demon-strate how your design will look without expensive mock-ups, prototypes, or studio photo sessions. Speed review cycles, market product concepts before manufacturing evenbegins, create images for sales and service documentation, and reduce time-to-market. > Communicate design concepts more powerfully using photorealistic images and advanced effects available in PhotoWorks. Materials > Image courtesy of DiMonte Group ΕChoose materials from a wide selection of built-in libraries of predefined metals,woods, stones, plastics, and other textured material types.Define or modify existing material properties, including surface color, reflectance,transparency, roughness, and texture-mapping.ՕApply materials to entire parts, features, or individual faces, allowing multiple assign-mentsper part.Preview material, scenery, and light selection to reduce rendering time.ՕSelect displacement properties to give materials an irregular or indented appearance. Decals Create and apply custom labels or artwork to products and packaging.ՕInteractively size, position, and rotate individual decals.Overlay multiple decals onto any SolidWorks part, feature, or face. > Create images comparable to actual photo-graphs by adjusting camera settings such asperspective, depth of field, and field of view. SolidWorks Integration ՕTake advantage of full support for SolidWorks models, including section views andexploded assemblies.Create realistic camera views complete with depth of field, perspective, and field of view. >

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WWW.SOLIDWORKS.COM Local language support Lights and shadows > Chinese Օ > Japanese Control shadows easily, including those showing through transparent surfaces.ՕCreate realistic shafts of light with fog lighting. > Czech Օ > Korean > English Օ > Polish > French Օ > Russian Background/scenery > German Օ > Spanish Create photo studio-style backdrops to enhance the display of SolidWorks parts andassemblies.ՕPreview, resize, and reposition background scenery.Apply predefined scenes, including lights, backgrounds, and scenery.ՕSimulate environments in which products will be used, such as under...

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