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PRODUCT INFORMATION IMPROVE PRODUCT QUALITY AND SAFETY BY VIRTUALLY TESTING SOLIDWORKS MODELS UNDER REAL-WORLD CONDITIONS Use COSMOSWorks Designer to improve product quality by identifying areas that are prone to weakness and failure. You can also lower costs by trimming excess material and minimizing the need for physical prototypes. Integrated within SolidWorks 3D CAD software, COSMOSWorks Designer allows SolidWorks users to update all design changes automatically and to become immediately productive using familiar SolidWorks functions and commands. Compare alternative designs easily and quickly. COSMOSWorks Designer lets you study different design configurations created with SolidWorks software and choose the optimal design for final production. > Using COSMOSWorks Designer, you can sim-ulate various assembly connections including bolts, pins, hinges, and contacts. Go beyond simple hand calculations to study stress, strain, and displacement in both parts and assemblies. Օ Define analysis inputs such as material, loads, and geometric dimensions ֖ using parameters. Run and compare multiple designs using the automated Design Scenario tool. Օ Create and clone analysis studies with simple drag-and-drop functions. Save time with a built-in library of nearly 200 materials, or customize the library with your own materials. Study the interaction between different assembly components. COSMOSWorks Designer provides powerful tools to study and optimize assemblies. Օ Automatically mesh large assemblies and parts with multiple bodies. Bond components with clearances or gaps, without modifying the assembly for analysis. Օ Simulate assembly connections (such as pins, springs, bolts, bearings, and spot welds). Study stresses due to press fit (interference fit). Օ Identify contact forces, stresses, and friction for parts that may come into contact during operation. > Innovative and unique to COSMOSWorks Designer, structural member modeling helps analyze structural member designs quickly using beam element technology. Simulate real-world operating conditions. COSMOSWorks Designer includes several types of loads and restraints to represent real-life situations. All loads and restraints are associative with the geometry and automatically update with changes in your design. Apply forces and pressures. Օ Apply torque. Apply bearing loads automatically. Օ Transfer forces and restraints from remote locations to parts or assemblies. Simulate the effects of gravity forces or forces due to rotation (centrifugal force). Օ Apply fixed or directional restraints. Apply known displacements instead of forces. Օ Simulate flexible supports. >

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COSMOSWorks Professional The features of COSMOSWorks Designer PLUS: > Օ Buckling Frequency Օ Drop test Motion simulation > Օ Fatigue Optimization Օ FEA translators Thermal > Structural productivity tools - Pressure vessel analysis tools - Trend Tracker - Mixed mesh with beam elements > COSMOSWorks Advanced Professional The features of COSMOSWorks Professional PLUS: > Օ Nonlinear (Static and Transient) Advanced dynamics Add-on Applications > COSMOSFloWorksՙ computational fluid dynamics > Օ COSMOSMotion motion simulation > COSMOSEMSՙ low-frequency electromagnetics > English Օ Polish French Օ...

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