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Business Innovation - 1

BUSINESS INNOVATION OBJECTIVE 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services unites employees, suppliers, customers, consumers and regulators into the framework for sustainable innovation.

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Business Innovation - 2

Highlights: • Innovate with a higher degree of confidence by engaging consumers and customers early in the ideation process. Consider valuable feedback from across the value stream with minimal effort. • Make the right decisions considering all the data across the enterprise, not just data at hand or outdated reports. • Improve productivity by sharing easily across the value stream. Spend less time updating data and managing status. OVERVIEW The Business Innovation role delivers the underpinning apps and services that digitally connect all users in the value stream – to establish social...

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Business Innovation - 3

3DCompass The 3DCompass provides a unique and innovative user experience across all 3DEXPERIENCE roles, apps and services. This includes access to 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace – Make and PartSupply. Cross-platform services are available on the top bar at all times. This includes the “Notifications”, “Add”, “Share”, “Content”, “Communities” and “Search” services. Apps may add a bottom-bar menu to provide app-specific services. Discover Apps. Apps are deployed on the 3DCompass – an app store and navigation infrastructure that provides role-based access to the apps. Users can request access to...

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Business Innovation - 4

Connect to Experts. Members register their skills, qualifications, project information along with descriptions of areas of interest. Searching for members with experience in specific domains helps to leverage expertise across the eco-system. Share and Collaboratively Update Knowledge. Wiki pages can be used to share knowledge and keep shared content updated. For example, users can create a knowledge base to keep track of a list of links, provide access to research papers or maintain a glossary database for projects. The structured wiki layout with an expandable tree simplifies updating of...

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Business Innovation - 5

Share Model-based Simulation Results with the Enterprise. 3DPlay capabilities including immersive annotation, visualization of simulation results, and visualization of motion on assemblies make it the perfect collaboration tool across different functions. Performing Levels of Detail. Progressive loading allows users to explore the model even before it is completely loaded. HTC Vive Immersive Experience [Rich Client]. Enjoy a truly immersive VR experience with kinematics support and improved displacement speed, transparency, and kinematics replay. Experience 2D and 3D. Experience 3D content...

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Business Innovation - 6

Platform Manager 3DNotifications provide an effective way to update users about any activity on the platform. Notifications can include pictures and links to other content. The Platform Manager role allows administrators to manage members and assign roles, and manage platform vocabularies and 3DDrive usage via controls center widgets on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Platform Management dashboards are available for platform and members’ management. Real-time Alerts. Alerts are delivered in real time to users working on the platform. Pop-up notification alert appears for 5 seconds and takes the...

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