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3DVIA COMPOSER Add a new dimension to your technical communications HIDE COMPONENTS, CHANGE EXPLODE COMPONENTS WITH ASSOCIATED TRAIL LINES TO SHOW INTERNAL DETAILS HIGHLIGHT CRITICAL DETAILS AND ANNOTATIONS Theatre Lighting Equipment | Robert Juliat THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION You put significant time and money into developing your products, and you want to 3DVIA Composer helps your organization, be sure that the first experience for your customers is a good one. 3DVIA Composer™ including non-technical users, leverage 3D software gives you the tools to start product communication early in the design process, CAD data to create dynamic graphical content keep it updated, and deliver it on time. The easy-to-use software leverages your existing that clearly and effectively depicts even your 3D CAD data to create dynamic product images and animations that clearly present even most complex products. The simple, intuitive the most complex data. interface gives you the tools to easily develop 3DVIA Composer streamlines how you create your product communications. As part of the SolidWorks® suite of product development solutions—covering design, simulation, sustainable design, technical communication, and data management—3DVIA Composer enables your entire staff, even those without engineering or CAD experience, to create illustrations, finished images, and interactive animations for use in a broad range of communication deliverables from sales and marketing materials to training and user documentation. It works seamlessly with Microsoft®, Adobe®, and other popular publishing software, so you can easily include 3DVIA Composer output. informative graphics for a broad range of technical communications, including assembly instructions, product manuals, training materials, and marketing collateral, with content that can be updated automatically.

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CREATE INTERACTIVE W LINKS TO QUICKLY VIE COMPLEX DETAILS Interactive storyboards can be used across a wide range of product communication deliverables, including online parts catalogs and maintenance manuals. Rescue Equipment | Holmatro Inc. EMBLY HIGHLIGHT THE ASS COMMONLY PROCEDURES FOR TS REPLACED COMPONEN 3DVIA COMPOSER BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHER Now you can design and produce technical communication deliverables in parallel with product development—so your documentation always keeps up with your design changes and is ready when your product is. With the intuitive 3DVIA Composer interface,...

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“OUR MANAGEMENT REALIZED THAT 3DVIA COMPOSER WOULD ALLOW US TO RUN INTO THE FUTURE BY MAKING A QUANTUM LEAP IN OUR ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE AND LEVERAGE DESIGN INFORMATION.” — ROGER KELSO, Allmand Bros. Inc. Enhance product communication and marketing collateral You no longer need to compromise your communications by relying on rough drawings to show your concepts or waiting until your design is finished to start creating product communication deliverables. With 3DVIA Composer, you can quickly and easily create: • Detailed views • High-resolution images • Technical illustrations • Interactive...

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• Autodesk® Inventor® • HTML pages (templates provided) 3DVIA Composer makes it easy to add • Raster graphics (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, or PNG) navigation controls to create interactive animations that are simple to use. • Videos, including fly-throughs and walk-throughs (AVI with multiple codecs) • Interactive storyboards Get products to market faster Reduce errors and ensure that all deliverables get to market faster. • Interactive web pages (HTML) • Start documentation earlier in the design process, and update it faster when design changes occur • Create interactive 3D content that can be viewed...

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