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SOLAR LS Company has been working in the international photonics market for more than 25 years. We are experts in the design and manufacture of solid-state laser systems and spectral analysis instruments for science, medicine and industry. Spectral Products Division was created in the end of 2002. At present, our product line offers more than 15 models of spectral equipment. More than 3 000 users from 22 countries successfully operate the products developed and produced by SOLAR Laser Systems. A highest research and production potential of SOLAR Laser Systems, cooperation with scientific...

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INDEX MONOCHROMATORS & SPECTROGRAPHS ______________________________________5 M150 Multipurpose compact monochromator/spectrograph _______________________6 M266 Automated Monochromator/Spectrograph _______________________________9 Double M266 Double monochromator-spectrograph based on the M266 _____________ 12 M522 Automated monochromator-spectrograph _______________________________ 13 M833 Double Dispersive Automated Monochromator-Spectrograph _________________ 15 MSA-130 Double Additive/Subtractive Monochromator __________________________ 18 ML44 High-aperture compact monochromator...

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M150 • MULTIPURPOSE COMPACT MONOCHROMATOR/SPECTROGRAPH The M150 is a compact short-focus instrument, flexible and multifunctional, featuring a unique combination of performance specifications and equipped with all the options essential for large-size spectrographs. Upon your request, the M150 may be supplied with accessories for collecting light from the sample into the optical fiber, for matching apertures of the fiber and monochromator, etc. FEATURES High aperture ratio (F=1:3.6) allows using the M150 for the widest range of routine purposes, including fluorescence, reflection and...

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M150 • MULTIPURPOSE COMPACT MONOCHROMATOR/SPECTROGRAPH M150 ADVANTAGES The M150 is a 142mm focal length asymmetric Czerny-Turner scanning spectrograph. The M150 output ports may hold either two exit slits, or one exit slit and a detector, or two detectors simultaneously. Direct (axial) and lateral (radial) output ports operate alternately. Switching between the output ports is effected manually with the Port Switcher located at the upper cover of the instrument. The switcher moves the folding mirror, which directs light to the lateral (radial) output port. If the switcher is off, light goes...

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M150 • MULTIPURPOSE COMPACT MONOCHROMATOR/SPECTROGRAPH M15Q SPECIFICATIONS Optical scheme Spectral range F/Number Focal length, mm Flat field, mm Imaging Diffraction gratings Grooves/mm 11 Blaze wavelength Reciprocal linear dispersion (average) nm/mm Spectral range 2), nm Multichannel array bandpass (average), nm Spectral resolution (average), nm Optimized Czerny-Turner with one optical input and two outputs Typical 190-3600 nm; extended up to 15 pm at your request 1 : 3,6 142 30 x 10 Optional; Available on both output ports 40x40x10 mm; Turret with 3 grating from list below 1) 1800 1200...

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Spectral products catalogue - 9

The M266 is a 284mm focal length modified Czerny-Turner monochromator, with a 30x10mm flat field output for spectrograph use. It is a compact versatile fully automated high-aperture instrument with high line quality and low stray light performance. FEATURES High-aperture optics, perfect line quality and low stray light allow using the M266 for a widest range of applications. DLLs and LabVIEW drivers can be supplied at your request, allowing to control the instrument via individually designed software. Two output ports allow connecting to the M266 two exit slits, exit slit/detector or two...

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The standard optics comprises spherical and flat mirrors with Al+MgF2 coating optimized for high UV efficiency. Optionally the device may contain optics with Al+SiO2 or gold coating for high efficiency in the infrared spectral range. The M266 comprises one input port and two output ports. The input port may hold either a standard entrance slit, or a crossed entrance slit (optionally). All the spectral slits are automated; their width is adjusted by the instrument software. The slit design also contains a micro-screw that provides the possibility of the opening width of the blades. The M266...

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Optical scheme Spectral range F/Number Focal length, mm Flat field, mm Imaging Diffraction gratings Grooves/mm 11 Reciprocal linear dispersion (average) nm/mm Blaze wavelength Spectral range 3), nm Multichannel array bandpass (average), nm Spectral range, nm Wavelength accuracy, nm Wavelength reproducibility, nm Step of grating rotation, nm Scanning rate, nm/s Entrance/Exit slits Slit width, mm Slit height, mm Parallelism, pm Micrometer reading accuracy, pm Step size, pm Precision, pm Filter Wheel Max number of filters Standard number of filters Filter size, mm Light aperture, mm Integrated...

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DOUBLE M266 • DOUBLE MONOCHROMATOR-SPECTROGRAPH BASED ON THE M266 DOUBLE MONOCHROMATOR-SPECTROGRAPH BASED ON THE M266 DOUBLE M266 Monochromator-spectrograph M266 is available for order in the double-dispersive scheme modification - Double M266: in that case, the output slit of the first M266 becomes the input slit of the second M266. Due to larger focal length and dispersion addition, the twice-better spectral resolution and lower stray light are achieved. Upon your request, spectral slit with blackened blades can be supplied. DOUBLE M266 SPECIFICATIONS Optical scheme Spectral range...

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M522 is a long-focal automated universal monochromator-spectrograph that is characterized with a high line quality and low-level stray light. FEATURES High aperture ratio (F=1:3.8), low stray light and perfect line quality enable successful use of the M522 in a wide range of applications. Two input and two output ports can be completed with the full set of accessories manufactured by SOLAR LS: standard and crossed entrance slits, order separating filter wheels, aperture matching units and optical fibers, CCD detectors and adapters for them. The M522i in the Imaging mode provides absolute...

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