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Preface Thank you very much for choosing TOPOINT SMD Chip Counter! You can use the COU2000 series products to achieve fast, convenient and error free SMD chip counting, and better manage materials. Before using this device, please read this User Manual carefully first, and keep it properly. This product is subject to improvement and partial update without prior notice. Please contact our dealers or us if you have any questions to it. We recommend that you keep the packing materials for this device for future handling. Improper packing for this device may lead to its damage. Damage of the...

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8. Pocket check (user’s guide)    38

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1. Matters for attention After unpacking, please check the parts against the packing list. Incorrect power supply may damage the device, so please make sure that the power supply is in compliance with the specification. Please position the device at a stable and solid place. From the angle of ergonomics, we recommend that you use the device on a platform lower than 75 cm, because it is regarded as the optimal height which the user is able to sit at ease and see the display and the components in the pocket. Statement of the range of environmental conditions: 1 Indoor use \ 2 Altitude up to...

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2. Overview 2.1 Application COU2000 series products is a high efficient assisting equipment of SMD materials control, it is based on photoelectric theory. It makes use of the corresponding relationship between the tractive hole of the carrier tape and the pockets, so as to accurately determine the quantity of SMD parts, and achieve fast and convenient counting of the parts. It is undoubtedly a good help for materials management. 2.2 Features 2.2.1 High precision and free from counting errors. 2.2.2 All SMD general-purpose reeling packing parts are applicable. 2.2.3 Countable for in both...

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Reeling shaft Motor    - Locking knob Barcode reader interface 5VDC Printer interface Guide pulley Power switch Upper guiding Pole Lower guiding Pole Adjustalbe arm Enclosure grounding point Counting gear Control panel

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4. Usage 4.1 Power on: select the workbench close to the power supply, connect the power supply, and position the cabinet onto the workbench. 4.2 Self check: press on power switch, and there will be the following displa on the LCD: SMD CHIP COUNTER CQU2000 SERIES YYMMDDHH : MM 20 04 05 26    14 : 59 finished self check. 4.3. Usage of operation panel: • TIME: used to manage the time of the device; press the key to display the current time inside the device; press this key for ten seconds to enter the time setting display: YYMMDDHH : MM 20 04 05 26 14 : 59 / Key in the corresponding year,...

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Time setting is finished. • POCKET CHECK: Applicable only to COU2000EX, it is used to check whether any components are absent in the pocket; press this key once to start the functions, and @ will be displayed on the upper left comer of the LCD; if there are any pocket without components , the device will automatically stop and give alarms. Press this key once again, and the pocket check function will become invalid. !• {PRINT: Applicable to COU2000ADV and COU2000EX. It is used to print the quantity and the corresponding time; if a Bar-code reader is connected, barcode of the products will...

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PITCH=P/ P0 • PRESET: when it is expected that a certain number of parts are to counted, Preset function is helpful. Press the Preset key, enter the val the device will stop at the corresponding location, and the desi] quantity can be got through simple fine tuning; press the Preset key ag to clear the set value, and the advance stop function will turn invalid. DATA PITCH SET 00000 1 The preset value above 59999 is invalid due to the Limitation counting range. • CLEAR: use it to clear when beginning to count. • START: the motor on the right begins to rotate clockwise, the motor the left is...

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• STOP: the motor stops rotating. • REWIND: the motor on the left begins to rotate anticlockwise, the motor on the right is driven, and the counting value decreases. The tape gradually rolls from the temporary reel back to the original reel. Note that when the counting value decreases to zero, the device will stop automatically, at the time, the pocket shall be back to the starting point, so as to reconfirm the accuracy of counting; press the Rewind key, the tape will go on rewinding, until it returns completely back to the original reel from the temporary reel. L4. Rotate locking knob in...

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4.5. Install the part reel to be counted onto reeling shaft on the left, so that the blades on reeling shaft are locked to the reel; install temporary reels of corresponding widths on the right; guide the starting part of the tape through the space between upper guide pole and lower guide pole, press the guide pulley, and hang the tractive hole, namely, D in Fig. 1, of the reel onto counting gear. 4.6. According to item 4 mentioned above, press the PITCH key to set the corresponding pitch value. 4.7. Drag the tape by hand, align the first component with the arrow indicated on guide pulley;...

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4.8. Drag the tape and lead the tape into the temporary reel on the right and hang it to the hub of reel. Now, the value is increasing. 4.9, Press START key, and the motor will drag the tape in the forward direction, and the counting value will being to increase. [Motel: whether in cases of manual or motor dragging of the tape, the counting value will be increased in the forward direction, and decreased in the reverse direction. The counting will be accurate only if the tape does not fall down from the counting gear. 4.10. If there is the preset value, the device will stop at the...

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