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SKF Ultrasound Lubrication Checker Ultrasonic sensor improves maintenance practices when re-lubricating bearings Designed for maintenance technicians, the TLGU 10 uses ultrasonic technology to improve manual re-lubrication. When connected to a grease gun, the intuitive device helps a technician to dispense the correct amount of lubricant into a bearing. By overcoming the problems associated with over- or underlubrication, it can help to extend bearing life. The device is recommended for a range of bearing applications including electric motors, pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors. • Easy to use The TLGU 10 is supplied as a kit. Combining sound with visual displays helps the technician to re-lubricate with maximum accuracy. • Saves cost As well as avoiding over-lubrication – and excess grease costs – the added accuracy improves the reliability of a customer’s assets. • Increases reliability and accuracy Rather than using theoretical models or experience, a technician is given accurate, real-time guidance on the progress of the re-lubrication process. • Extends bearing life Accurate re-lubrication leads to optimum bearing performance, which reduces the likelihood of wear a

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SKF Ultrasound Lubrication Checker Re-lubrication is critical to extending the life of bearings yet is often carried out based on experience. The TLGU 10 makes re-lubrication a more practical, condition-based process, by delivering the correct amount of lubricant to a bearing at the right time. TLGU 10 allows a technician to listen to this sound, via headphones. The sound changes abruptly at the point where the correct amount of lubrication has been applied. In addition, a coloured display indicates noise levels for ease of use. The device is simple to use, and relies on a robust,...

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