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SKF TWIM 15 - 1

A portable solution for bearing heating

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SKF TWIM 15 - 2

A portable solution for bearing heating Portable induction heater TWIM 15 The SKF portable induction heater TWIM 15 is designed to heat up roller bearings that are mounted with an interference fit onto a shaft. Heating the bearing causes it to expand, which eliminates the need to use force during installation. Generally, using the TWIM 15 to generate a 90 °C (162 °F) temperature difference between the bearing and shaft is sufficient to enable installation. In addition, the TWIM 15 can be used to heat other ring-shaped, metallic components, providing flexibility of use. Utilizing electrical...

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SKF TWIM 15 - 3

Portable Innovative heating Because of the induction plate's flat shape, a support yoke is not needed. This increases the type of components that can be heated on the plate and also reduces the number of required accessories. Due to the medium-frequency technology used and choice of materials, the heater is lightweight. Also, the built-in handle makes it convenient to transport, and it can be stored easily. Utilizing smart construction and operating software, the heater produces a low temperature difference between the inner and outer ring of the bearing. This reduces the internal tensions...

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SKF TWIM 15 - 4

Carry your TWIM 15 induction heater in a convenient way TWIM 15-BAG The SKF TWIM 15-BAG is optional to the TWIM 15. The bag provides extra portability to the TWIM 15 induction heater. It has two pockets to provide space for your heat resistant gloves, the temperature probe and the instructions for use - having the heater and all its accessories together. Like the induction heater, the TWIM 15-BAG has a compact design. The bag helps you to maintain your heater clean and protected. For example, the bag provides shelter to the heater keeping it free from dust and industrial pollution while...

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