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SKF Stroboscopes TKRS series High-performance, hand-held stroboscopes for visual inspection

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High-performance, hand-held stroboscopes for visual inspection SKF Stroboscopes TKRS series SKF offers a wide range of portable TKRS stroboscopes for visual inspection of running machines in challenging industrial environments. These portable tools provide early detection of abnormalities to help schedule maintenance tasks and reduce additional loads on rotating equipment in order to reach planned performance levels. Designed for ease of use, the four TKRS models offer from 3 to 118 ultra-bright LEDs. Each stroboscope features a large screen and multifunctional selector switch to help you...

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SKF Stroboscopes TKRS series - 3

General benefits of TKRS series: • • • • Intuitive operation for fast and easy inspection jobs Ergonomic and robust design for portable usage in industrial environments Bright LEDs with long lifetime and continuous operation Tripod mount for stationary inspection Applications and industries: • General industry – Inspection of fans, gears, belts, chains, couplings, shafts, etc. • Paper – Quality control • Textile – Setup/Inspection of production processes, especially spindles and weaving patterns • Printing – Quality control • Test equipment – Analysis of materials and components during fast...

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