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SKF Spherical washers Straight bolt tensioning for longer endurance Spherical washers from SKF are designed to create an exact parallel plane between the bolt head and the face of the nut. This spherical washer automatically adjusts to compensate for angle errors and eliminate bolt bending. • It automatically adjusts to compensate for angle errors • Surface pressure is evenly distributed • Increased bolt stretch possible due to ­ncreased clamping length i • Design and use of high-grade alloy steel provides reliability • Eliminates bolt bending • Reduces bolt fatigue • Avoid spot-facing Bent bolt Straight bolt Please contact for more information. Another major advantage of the spherical washer is that it has been engineered to e ­ nable to easily machine down its height. Standard SKF spherical washers come in surface treated alloy steel. SKF stocks the standard height and low profile version. The treated surface gives the SKF spherical washers protection in humid and salty

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Dimensions Designation D d H Line contact SMSW 16 -ASTR SMSW 20 -ASTR SMSW 24 -ASTR SMSW 27 -ASTR SMSW 30 -ASTR SMSW 36 -ASTR SMSW 42 -ASTR SMSW 48 -ASTR SMSW 56 -ASTR SMSW 64 -ASTR Spherical contact Industrial spherical washers (DIN) consist of a conical ring and a spherical ring resulting in a line contact with a limited load capacity. SKF Spherical Washers consist of convex and concave rings to create a perfect mating surface and have a high load bearing capacity as result. Please contact your local SKF Authorised Distributor or SKF sales representative for support,...

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