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SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator TLMP series Reliable relubrication of multiple lubrication points The SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator TLMP series is intended for reliable relubrication of multiple lubrication points. This sturdy automatic lubrication system is packaged as a complete kit, including the lubricator, required tubing and connectors. Designed to supply from one to eighteen lubrication points, the TLMP series features pluggable outlets and is easy to install and program via its keypad with LED display. TLMP series advantages • • • • • • • Easy to install and program Complete kit Suitable for one to eighteen lubrication points Low-level and malfunction alarms; remote notification possible Machine steering by removing power Available in versions with different voltages Developed for industrial applications, as well as agricultural and off-road vehicles Featuring a reservoir capacity of nearly one litre, this versatile lubricator has a stirring paddle to prevent grease separation, making it suitable for more lubricants. With its high IP protection rating, the durable TLMP series is vibration resistant, withstands equipment washdowns and prevents contamination ingress. Also, the unit enables machine steering to temporarily disable lubrication by removing power. Filter to avoid grease contamination from airborne particles Durable, metal housing for long service life Grease nipple Stirring paddle to prevent grease separation Pump element features maximum operating pressure of 120 bar (1 740 psi) LED display for simple programming Divider block provides flexibility of using one to eight outlets Alarm indicates when reservoir is empty or when outlet is blocked Cycle control sensor ensures lubricant is delivered

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Technical data Designation Number of lubrication outlets TLMP 1008 TLMP 1018 Suitable grease consistency Maximum pressure Maximum distance length to lubrication point Dispense rate Output pump element Approx. 0,2 cm3 (per cycle), approx. 1,7 cm3 (per minute) Reservoir size Useable reservoir volume Approx. 0,5–0,9 litres (17–30 US fl.oz) External steering Ambient temperature Ordering details 8 oulets TLMP 1008/24DC TLMP 1008/120V TLMP 1008/230V Ordering details 18 oulets TLMP 1018/24DC TLMP 1018/120V TLMP 1018/230V Power Supply Connector Lubrication tubes TLMP 1008 TLMP 1018 Installation...

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