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TIH 100m Medium induction heater with a 120 kg bearing heating capacity The SKF medium induction heater TIH 100m has the same high standards of efficiency and performance as the small heater combined with increased capacity. The advanced design of the power electronics allows features of accurate electric current control, cut-outs to avoid overheating, controls on rate of temperature increase, these are as some of the standard features in the TIH...m range. • Capable of heating a 97 kg (213 lb) bearing in less than 20 minutes • Supplied standard with three yokes, allowing bearings with a bore diameter from 20 mm (0.8 in.) up to a maximum weight of 120 kg (264 lb) to be heated • Swivel arm for large size yoke Features and benefits I nduction coil located outside the heater’s housing enables a shorter heating time and lower energy consumption Foldable bearing support arms allow larger diameter bearings to be heated, and reduce the risk of the bearing toppling during heating M agnetic temperature probe, combined with a temperature mode pre-set at 110 °C (230 °F), helps prevent bearing overheating U nique SKF remote control, with operating display and control panel, makes the heater easy and safe to use I nternal yoke storage, for smaller yoke(s), reduces the risk of yoke damage or loss I ntegrated carrying handles allow for easy movement of the heater in the workshop S liding or swivel arm allows for easy and quick bearing replacement, reducing operator fatigue (not for T

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Technical data Designation Max. bearing weight Bore diameter range Operating area (w x h) Coil diameter Standard yokes (included) to suit bearing/workpiece minimum bore diameter Application example (bearing, weight, temperature, time) Max. power consumption Voltage l) 100-240 V/50-60 Hz 100-120 V/50-60 Hz 200-240 V/50-60 Hz 400-460 V/50-60 Hz Temperature control 2) Demagnetisation according to SKF norms Dimensions (w x d x h) Total weight (incl. yokes) The comprehensive range of SKF induction heaters is suitable for most bearing heating applications. The chart gives general information on...

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