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TKTL Series SKF offers a wide range of portable, lightweight and easy-to-use infrared thermometers for thermal inspections. These portable tools help you to detect temperature differences in technical and non-technical applications, this in order to perceive information on abnormalities in operating. SKF Infrared thermometers are fitted with multiple lasers which helps you to easy and more accurate target the object. The TKTL 21, 31 and 40 also offer you the option of measuring temperatures via a temperature probe. The TKTL 40 offers you the possibility of data logging and allows pictures...

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To help ensure long bearing service life, it is important to determine the condition of machinery and bearings while in operation. Good predictive maintenance will help reduce machine downtime and decrease overall maintenance costs. SKF Infrared thermometers help analysing critical environmental conditions that have an impact on bearing and machine performance. Dual laser infrared and contact video thermometer • • • • • • • • • • • 2.2” TFT LCD display 640 x 480 pixels digital camera Internal memory expandable to 8 GB (Micro SD card) Image (JPEG) and video (MP4) Humidity and air temperature...

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Technical data Designation Temperature range using infrared Temperature range using probe Probe supplied Distance-to-spot ratio Measurement accuracy +/-2% of reading or 2 °C (4°F) whichever is greater +/-2% of reading or 2 °C (4 °F) whichever is greater +/-1% of reading or 1 °C (1.8 °F) whichever is greater +/-1% of reading or 1 °C (1.8 °F) whichever is greater Operating temperatur Response time msec Displayed resolution Spectral response Measurement modes Maximum temperatures Maximum; Minimum; Average; Difference (between min and max); Probe/IR dual temperature Maximum; Minimum; Average;...

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