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SKF Hydraulic Pump Easy-to-connect manual hydraulic pump develops oil pressures up to 300 MPa (43 500 psi) The THHP 300 is a high pressure, hand-operated hydraulic pump that is suitable for many applications using the SKF Oil Injection Method, for oil pressures up to 300 MPa (43 500 psi). It can be used straight from the case: mount the appropriate THPN nipple on the application and then screw on the quick connection nipple. Connecting the hose to the nipple on the application enables a supply of high pressure oil. The two stage pump includes a 0-300 MPa (0-43 500 psi) pressure gauge, high pressure hose and quick connection coupling. Connection nipples enable both G1/4 and G3/4 connections. The SKF Oil Injection Method helps technicians to install and remove components with an interference fit, in a fast, safe, controllable way. Injecting a thin film of oil – under pressure – separates the mating surfaces, which virtually eliminates friction between them. This allows smaller mounting and dismounting forces to be used. Pumps to supply this high pressure oil are typically complicated to assemble. However, the THHP 300 is ready to use with minimal preparation – allowing oil injection to be applied straight away, speeding up mounting and dismounting. Oil is automatically returned to the reservoir once pressure has been released, minimising the risk of leakage. The pump can be used for mounting and dismounting such items as railway wheels and tyres, propellers and gears and similar type applications. For example, railway wheels are often heated and then mounted on a cylindrical shaft. After cooling the wheel has a tight fit on the shaft, without the need of having a key way. Later the wheel can be easily and quickly removed by using the SKF Oil Injection Method, by injecting oil at high pressure between the wheel and the shaft. The oil pressure breaks the interference fit and the greatly reduces friction. This simplifies the task of removing the wheel and helps to prevent shaft damage. • Two stage pump design to quickly reach high pressures up to 300 MPa (43 500 psi) • Large, mounted gauge shows pressures over the full pressure range • Glycerine filled pressure gauge dampens shocks and pressure peaks, giving longer service life and is easier to read. • Easy to use – it comes with a high-pressure hose, a quick connection coupling is included and various nipples to connect to the most common applications • Applicable in wide range of industries including rail and marine • Design minimises the risk of oil leaking into the environment • Packed in a stu

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Technical data Designation Maximum pressure Case dimensions Volume per stroke 1st Stage Unit weight Volume per stroke 2nd Stage Total weight (incl. case) Case contents Pressure gauge 0-300 MPa (0-43 500 psi) Diameter 100 mm (4 in) Accuracy 1% of full scale Hose length Hose connection threads G1/4 female to pump M16 male thread with special sealing design to attach to the quick connection coupling 1 × Hydraulic pump body 1 × High pressure hose 1 × Pressure gauge and protection sleeve 1 × Quick connection coupling 1 × Quick connection nipple 1 × Connection nipple M16 (m) - G1/4 (m) 1 ×...

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