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SKF High load, wide temperature bearing grease LGWM 2 SKF LGWM 2 is a synthetic-mineral oil based grease using the latest complex calcium sulphonate thickener technology. It is suitable for applications subjected to high loads, wet environments and fluctuating temperatures. • • • • • Excellent corrosion protection Excellent mechanical stability Excellent high load lubricating capacity Good false brinelling protection Good pumpability down to low temperatures Typical applications • • • • • Wind turbine mains shafts Heavy duty off road applications Snow exposed applications Marine and offshore applications Spherical roller thrust bearing applications Available pack sizes Packsize Electro-mechanical lubricant dispensers Gas driven lubricator LAGD series 125 ml TLMR 101 series 380 ml refill (incl. battery)

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SKF High Load, Wide Temperature Bearing Grease LGWM 2 - 2

Technical data Designation NLGI consistency class Complex calcium sulphonate Operating temperature range Penetration DIN ISO 2137 60 strokes, 10–1 mm 100 000 strokes, 10–1 mm Mechanical stability Roll stability, 50 hrs at 80 °C, 10–1 mm Oil separation DIN 51 817, 7 days at 40 °C, static, % Lubrication ability R2F, running test B at 120 °C R2F, Cold chamber test (+20 °C) R2F, Cold chamber test (–30 °C) Pass at 140 °C (285 °F) Pass Pass Rolling bearing grease life R0F test L50 life at 10 000 r/min., hrs EP performance Wear scar DIN 51350/5, 1 400 N, mm 4–ball test, welding load DIN 51350/4, N...

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