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SKF Extreme temperature, extreme condition bearing grease LGET 2 SKF LGET 2 is a synthetic fluorinated oil based grease, using a PTFE thickener. It is especially suitable for applications at extremely high temperatures from 200 °C (390 °F) up to 260 °C (500 °F). • Long life in aggressive environments such as very reactive areas with a presence of high purity gaseous oxygen and hexane • Excellent oxidation resistance • Good corrosion resistance • Excellent water and steam resistance Typical applications • • • • • • • • • Bakery equipment (ovens) Kiln truck wheels Load rollers in copying machines Wafer baking machines Textile dryers Film stretching tenders Electric motors running at extreme temperatures Emergency / hot fans Vacuum pumps Important note: Available pack sizes Packsize LGET 2 is a fluorinated grease and is not compatible with other greases, oils and preservatives (except LGED 2). Therefore, very thorough cleaning of bearings and systems is essential be

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SKF Extreme Temperature, Extreme Condition Bearing Grease LGET 2 - 2

Technical data Designation NLGI consistency class Synthetic (fluorinated polyether) Operating temperature range Corrosion protection Emcor: – standard ISO 11007 Oil separation DIN 51 817, 7 days at 40 °C, static, % Rolling bearing grease life R0F test L50 life at 10 000 r/min., hrs Mechanical stability Roll stability, 50 hrs at 80 °C, 10–1 mm EP performance 4–ball test, welding load DIN 51350/4, N Lubrication management Just as asset management takes maintenance to a higher level, a lubrication management approach allows lubrication to be seen from a wider point of view. This approach helps...

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