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SKF Belt Alignment Tool High-accuracy tool for V-belt pulley alignment Belt-driven machinery must be precisely aligned in order to increase belt and pulley life – and reduce both machine vibration and energy costs. SKF’s TKBA 40 Belt alignment tool offers a straightforward way to do this, by accurately aligning the grooves of V-belt pulleys. It can correct for vertical angle, horizontal angle and parallel misalignment. The tool has two components – a laser-emitting unit and a receiver unit. It uses powerful magnets and V-guides to fit to the pulley’s grooves, allowing the TKBA 40 to be attached quickly and easily. The TKBA 40 offers a number of key benefits to the user: The TKBA 40 has a number of user-friendly features: • Fast, easy attachment – using powerful magnets • Simplified alignment process • Ability to align a wide range of V-belt pulleys, as four sizes of V-guide are supplied • Simultaneous adjustment of tension and alignment • Aligns grooves – rather than faces – of V-belt pulley, for optimum alignment of pulleys of dissimilar widths or faces • Optional extra: a special side adaptor allows alignment of multi-ribbed and timing belt pulleys, as well as sprockets • Maximum operating distance of 6 m (20 ft) accommodates many applications • Relies on red laser diode, and supplied in sturdy carrying case • Runs on 2 × AAA batteries for 20 hours’ continuous operation Scan (or click) the code for the SKF Belt Alignment Tools comparison table The laser unit emits a laser line that is projected onto the receiver unit. A threedimensional target area on the receiver unit allows easy detection of the type of misalignment and how to correct it. Belt alignment is achieved when the laser line coincides with the three refer

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Highly accurate method for aligning V-belt pulleys The TKBA 40 is supplied with four sizes of V-guide – to fit pulley grooves of most widths and types. Exchanging a V-guide for a smaller or larger one is a straightforward operation. The TKBA 40 can be applied to a number of end-use applications: Sprocket drives • Agricultural machinery • Compressors • Engine camshafts Belt drives • HVAC • Pump installations • Paper mills • Flour mills • Lathe machine • Milling machines • Conveyors Parallel misalignment Horizontal angle misalignment Vertical angle misalignment Correct alignment Technical...

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