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Multi-core induction heaters TIH MC series A unique and flexible heating solution for very large bearings and workpieces The SKF multi-core induction heaters are energy efficient, custom-made heating solutions. Compared to other heating methods, they often can significantly save heating time. The TIH MC series are similar to the standard TIH range, with a few key differences and additional features: • Flexible design, consisting of a number of induction heating cores and coils controlled by a single control and power cabinet • Suitable for heating large thin section workpieces, such as slewing rings and railway wheel tyres • Heating capacities of several tonnes are possible, depending on application • Enables a more even temperature gradient across the whole circumference. This is especially important for components sensitive to uneven induction heating • Unique design allows for custom-made solutions to be quickly and economically produced • SKF can configure the type of TIH MC series heater required, depending on the application. For additional information, contact your SKF authorised di

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The type of TIH MC series heater required depends on the application. Based on your application details, SKF can configure a solution to meet your needs. To select the right solution, we need application information such as: Bearings to be heated: • Bearing designation • If new bearing: main dimension and weight • Required temperature • Mounting frequency Heater data: • Power supply available • Present or considered heating method Workpiece other than bearing, e.g. housing, gear, bushing, etc.: • Drawing of workpiece with dimensions • Weight • Material of workpiece • Required temperature •...

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