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Manual grease dispensing tools A basic element of lubrication plans The main pitfall of manual lubrication is ensuring accuracy and top cleanliness. Lubricant film in the application can be over 40 times thinner than the smallest visible particle. The SKF range of manual lubrication tools is designed to help you with the storage, handling, dosing and supplying of lubricants for your machinery in a clean and easy way. A comprehensive range to meet your needs Grease guns SKF Grease Guns are suitable for agricultural, industrial, automotive and construction industries amongst others. Except...

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Selection chart and technical data – SKF Grease Guns Designation Maximum pressure Loose grease (ca. 500 cm3) or grease cartridges. Loose grease (ca. 500 cm3) or grease cartridges. Loose grease (ca. 500 cm3) or grease cartridges. Loose grease (ca. 500 cm3) or grease cartridges. Discharge pipe length Flexible hose length Note: 1077601: Flexible 500 mm (19.7 in.) long pressure hose with hydraulic gripping nozzle. Easy grease filling with one hand Suitable for grease filling by grease filler pumps and also suitable for grease cartridges. Ergonomic design, flexible hose and possibility to mount...

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Optimum cleanliness when filling your grease guns Grease filler pumps LAGF series Best lubrication practices say that each type of grease requires an individual grease gun and the refilling has to be a clean process. SKF Grease Filler Pumps are designed to help achieve this goal. • Quick filling: low pressure high stroke volume • Easy installation: all necessary items are included • Reliable: tested and approved for all SKF greases • Appropriate as a complement for SKF Bearing Packer VKN 550 Accurate grease quantity measurement Grease meter LAGM 1000E LAGM 1000E The SKF Grease Meter LAGM...

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