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Elevator lubrication sets Reduces vibration levels with less maintenance SKF SYSTEM 24 elevator lubrication sets are easy to install, simple to use and provide proper lubrication to keep elevators running smoothly and quietly. They can be set to automatically dispense lubricant for up to one year, minimizing costly service calls. Insufficient lubricant on elevator guide rails causes vibration. This, in turn, creates unpleasant noise that leads to downtime, interruption in service and increased maintenance costs. Conventional elevator lubrication methods are somewhat imprecise, leading to over- and under-lubrication. This can result in spilling, splashing on windows and pooling in the pit. SKF SYSTEM 24 elevator lubrication sets provide a better alternative to the conventional method of a reservoir of oil with a capillary system. They are suitable for use in residential and office buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and subways. • • • • Reduces wear, noise and vibration levels through proper lubrication Reduces service calls for planned and unplanned downtime Improves cleanliness of windows, glass and elevator pit Safe and environmentally friendly – no oil spills and easy to recycle Time setting Once mounted, the system can be set to dispense lubricant to meet the specific needs of the application at intervals ranging from one month to 12 months. The correct setting can best be determined by checking the oil film on the guide rail during service. An emptying time between 3–6 months can be expected under harsh conditions of high contamination, higher temperature and high utility rate of the elevator. Under normal conditions, an emptying time between 6–12 months can b

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Designation Description LAPB 5-16/2K Elevator kit for 5, 9 or 16 mm rail LAPB 5-16E1 Elevator brush Contents 2 brush holders with 5, 9 and 16 mm felt 2 lubricators LAGD 125/HMT68 2 installation brackets 50 ml (1.7 floz US) bottle oil 1 brush holder with 5 mm, 9 mm and 16 mm felt 1 lubricator filled with 125 ml (4.2 fl oz US) of oil Depth of rail Width of rail skf.com | mapro.skf.com | skf.com/lubrication ® SKF is a registered trademark of the SKF Group. © SKF Group 2019 The contents of this publication are the copyright of the publisher and may not be reproduced (even extracts)...

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