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SKF Stethoscope Easily pinpoints bearing and machine noise The SKF Stethoscope TKST 11 is a high quality instrument which is used to perform maintenance and repair work. The use of this stethoscope facilitates the interception of acoustic phenomena on bearings, machines and other rotating parts to prevent failures. The TKST 11 includes a headset, two different length probes (70 and 300 mm), all supplied complete in a sturdy carrying case. Online pre-recorded audio samples are available for the TKST 11 demonstrating the most common encountered troublesome machine noises. • User friendly and easy to operate, no special training required. • Lightweight ergonomic design makes it easy to operate with one hand. • Excellent sound quality helps to reliably identify the possible cause of the noise. • Excellent quality headset for optimum sound quality even in very high noise environments. • Supplied with two probes, 70 and 300 mm (2.8 and 11.8 in.) long. • Adjustable volume control to reach desired volume. • Pre-recorded demonstration samples and output for recording to facilitate analysis and comparison. Online sound examples of an undamaged bearing, damaged inner ring, less damaged inner ring, damaged outer ring, damaged ball, contamination by ashes and

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Technical data Designation Frequency range Dimensions handset Operating temperature Probe length Output volume Case dimensions Black and white display Sound volume Maximum recorder output Battery lifetime skf.com | skf.com/mapro | skf.com/lubrication ® SKF is a registered trademark of the SKF Group. © SKF Group 2022 The contents of this publication are the copyright of the publisher and may not be reproduced (even extracts) unless prior written permission is granted. Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication but no liability can be...

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