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Anti-fretting Agent SKF LGAF 3E is a greasy, smooth paste to prevent fretting corrosion caused by very slight oscillations or by vibrations, that can make dismounting much more difficult. • Suitable for bearings and metal surfaces in loose fit arrangements, such as vibrating screens, truck and car wheel bearings • Reduces fretting corrosion thereby enabling easier dismounting of bearings • Assists with easier removal of general industrial components in a wide range of applications such as nuts, bolts, flanges, studs, bearings, guide pins, couplings, jack screws, lathe centres, push rods, and spline shafts Technical data Designation Specific gravity Lithium soap Operating temperature range What is fretting corrosion? Fretting corrosion is a progressive surface damage that occurs in the contact area of two metals. It is caused by very slight oscillations, vibrations or slip between the metal surfaces. Fretting corrosion is a risk for bearings and it typically occurs in the loose fit between the outer ring and the housing or between the inner ring and shaft. Uneven bearing seats and too loose fits can increase fretting corrosion. Repairing corrosion damages requires overhauling of the contact area and poses further risks of improper bearing seating. Fretting corrosion is also a risk for other metal contact areas for example yokes and core of SKF Induction Heaters and SKF Vibracon. SKF LGAF 3E is a greasy, smooth paste with special additives to form a protective layer between the metal surfaces and reduce fretting corrosion in these and more applications. Available pack sizes Packsize

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