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SKF Laser Vibrometer

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SKF Laser Vibrometer MSL-7000 Series General description Measuring equipment employed in production environments requires a compact and robust design suitable for the challenges met in harsh industrial areas. The SKF Laser Vibrometer combines a robust, integrated, single-box design with the clear advantages of non-contact, laser-based vibration measurement. With a special focus on reliable measurement results, the SKF Laser Vibrometer produces optimal results on every measurement surface, regardless of environmental conditions. These outstanding properties make it the first choice for process-integrated acoustic quality inspection. The vibrometer is non-contact, wear-free and does not require servo-mechanisms or noise protection for performing measurements. Condition monitoring The SKF Laser Vibrometer completes SKF’s assortment of vibration sensors with a highend contactless velocity proportional sensor, which can be used in combination with condition monitoring products such as SKF Microlog for advanced measurements and monitoring. The sensor enables service engineers additional capabilities for field monitoring, such as measurements in areas difficult to reach, in hazardous zones and on hot or on rotating parts. Even measurement through glass is possible. Quality control The SKF Laser Vibrometer measures structure-borne noise reliably and without contact. The acquired data provide valuable information on manufacturing quality and compliance with a product’s acoustic emission limits. Direct integration of the vibrometer into a production line creates a realtime quality control system that enables FAIL decisions on the basis of structure-borne vibration. The sensor allows easy integration into the manufacturing line and supports flexible resetting of manufacturing batches.

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• Measurements on rotating components • Especially useful for slow-moving applications • Measurement through glass/windows • Distance up to 3 m (9.9 ft.), more distance depends on the reflection of the measuring object • Contact-less, reliable and free from wear • Flexible use, many applications • Mobile/stationary • Simple to install and operate • Easy to integrate into test setups and existing control systems • Robust and compact single-box design • High linearity of signal • Reduced impact from surface features due to DESPEC technology • Acoustic measurement range up to 22 kHz frequency...

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SKF Laser Vibrometer connected to a SKF Microlog Connect CMAC 5023 for velocity to channel 1 – CH11) Connect CMAC 5023 for reflection signal to channel 2 – CH21) not part of the SKF Laser Vibrometer kit. Channel 1: Frequency spectrum of the laser signal Channel 2: Laser beam signal reflection; the value should be a maximum – adjust using focusing ring Example: Measurement with SKF Microlog MSL-7000 B version for use with SKF Microlog

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Technical specifications • Operating temperature: 5 to 40 °C (40 to 105 °F) • Storage temperature: –10 to +65 °C (15 to 150 °F) • Relative humidity: Maximum 80%, non-condensing • Protection rating: IP 64 • Decoder type: DSP velocity decoder, three measurement ranges • Velocity ranges: –– ±20 mm/s –– ±100 mm/s –– ±500 mm/s • Scaling factor: –– 200 mV/mm/s –– 40 mV/mm/s –– 8 mV/mm/s • Velocity resolution1): –– < 0,02 (μm/s)/√Hz –– < 0,20 (μm/s)/√Hz –– < 0,10 (μm/s)/√Hz • Frequency range: –– 0 to 22 kHz (digital output) –– 0,5 Hz to 22 kHz (analog output) • Filters: –– Digital low pass filter...

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Ordering information The SKF Laser Vibrometer is available as a stand-alone product or as part of two kits, description as follows: SKF Laser Vibrometer [MSL-7000 A] includes: • SKF Laser vibrometer [MSL-7000] • Power supply [MSL-S 7000] • RS-232 interface cable [MSL-I 7000] • S/P-DIF digital cable [MSL-D 7000] • Vibrotec software • Allen key • User manual S/P-DIF digital cable [MSL-D 7000] Power supply [MSL-S 7000] Vibrotec software RS-232 interface cable [MSL-I 7000] SKF Laser Vibrometer MSL-7000 user manual

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SKF Laser Vibrometer kit [MSL-7000 B] includes the following additional components to MSL-7000 A: • Carrying case • RS-232 USB adapter [MSL-A 7000] • Adapter box [MSL-P 7000] Carrying case SKF Laser Vibrometer kit [MSL-7000 C] includes the following additional components to MSL-7000 B: • Measuring adapter box including USB cable [MSL-M 7000] • FPM noise testing software with dongle • FPM software user manual Measuring adapter box including USB cable [MSL-M 7000] FPM noise testing software with dongle FPM software user manual Accessories • Calibration exciter [MSL-C 7000] • Battery pack...

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Lubrication systems These competence areas include bearings and units, seals, lubrication systems, mechatronics, and a wide range of services, from 3-D computer modelling to cloud-based condition monitoring and asset management services. SKF’s global footprint provides SKF customers with uniform quality standards and worldwide product availability. Our local presence provides direct access to the experience, knowledge and ingenuity of SKF people. SKF BeyondZero is more than our climate strategy for a sustainable environment: it is our mantra; a way of thinking, innovating and acting. For...

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