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Sitron's Line Of Capacitive Level Sensors and Switches

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Models: > SC404 SC120+CN200 SC400+LV400 SC700 Introduction > Capacitive Level Sensors, also referred to as Radio Frequency (RF) level sensors, are used for measuring process level at a specific point, multiple points, or continuously over the entire vessel height. Capacitance Level Sensors have the ability to detect and measure both conductive and non-conductive mediums such as water and oil, or solids (molasses, pastes, powder and grains), as well as a variety of other materials. In addition, this method is also applicable for detecting level when there are interfaces between liquids (such as oil/water). Selecting the appropriate model and installing it in the proper location are key factors in successfully applying Capacitive Level Sensors. That is why Sitron offers many level measurement and control solutions. Sitron's Capacitive Level Sensors are broken into two types: 2. Point Level Detection (Models SC400+LV400 and SC700)Like all of Sitron's products, the Capacitive Level Sensors can be made in a wide variety of process connections. They feature easy installation, as well as maintenance free reliability within a compact design.1. Continuous Level Measurement (Models SC404, SC120 + CN200) Three elements are needed to form a capacitor: Two plates and a dielectric. The capacitance electrode (the probe) is one plate, the vessel wall is the other plate, and the medium is the dielectric. If the vessel is non-metallic, a conductive ground reference must be inserted into the vessel or a metallic tubular sheath can be placed over the probe's capacitance electrode to form the second plate. A Capacitive Level Sensor measures level by applying a radio frequency (RF) signal between the capacitance electrode (the probe) and the electrically conductive vessel wall. The RF output creates a small amount of electrical current that flows through the medium (the dielectric) from the probe to the vessel wall. When the level increases or decreases the dielectric constant, or the capacitance reading, increases or decreases. In other words, the level change results in a variation of the capacitance value around the probe, depending upon the degree of immersion. For point level detection, the probe's electronics detect the change in the RF signal and then alter the state of the level switch. For continuous level detection, the probe's electronics convert the RF signal into a 4-20mA-output signal that is proportional to the change of the level. Technology >

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Required information to specify the correct type of electronic module for your application:1) Provide the generic name of the material, even if it is a mix of several products. 2) Specify whether liquid, slurry, solid, interface, granular or powder. 3) Inform viscosity, density and describe consistency in such terms as watery,Ӕ oily,Ӕ like a batterӔ or like molasses.Ӕ If this information is not available, a sample for evaluation is required. 4) Give process information describing if it is nominal, minimum and maximum temperature and pressure ranges. If turbulence is present, indicate its...

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The SC404 Continuous Level Measurement probe is one of the most flexible, as well as cost effective, level solutions for a great variety of applications. The built in (one-piece) electronic module provides a 4-20mA output (2 wire) signal that is proportional to the level. The SC404 features a potentiometer for Zero and Span adjustment and a select switch to account for varying sensitivity according to the medium or product, tank dimensions, rod's length, position of installation as well as other application features. In addition, the SC404 also allows for a long distance application, by...

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2 ݔ (64mm) 123 ON ON 456 24Vdc 24Vd c NO NO C NC NC > Delay0 ...20s Delay SENS. SENS. L 0 ...20s

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The SC400 point level probe, along with the LV400/2 controller, are designed to detect and/or control the level of a wide variety of dry bulk and liquid materials, from conductive and non- conductive liquids and slurries to solids and oils. The SC400's sensing capability provides reliable point level indication in high-pressure tanks, as well as in extreme high/low temperature ranges.The SC400 is a very compact switch, made with 316 S.S, and available in threaded, flanged or sanitary process connections. The LV400/2 controller is available with 24 VDC, 115 VAC or 230 VAC supply voltage, and...

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Example of instalation Measuringrange Fig. 1Continuous level measurementFig. 2It is recomended to install the probe away from the tanks feeder Fig. 3High and low level detection Sitron-USA, Inc. 21 West Nicholai St. Hicksville, NY 11801 Ph:(516) 935-8001 Fax: (516) 935-6001 e-mail: - >

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ORDERING INFORMATION CodeSC404SC120Code12 3 456CodeBN0CodeLCodeNACodeC MTCodePTFE0XCodeAccessorySHSheath Probe to be used along with CN200 transducer (see specs. below) NPTOther - SpecifySupply Voltage: 12...30VDC Output: 4-20mA (2 wire)3/4" ThreadFlange 2" ANSI, 150lb. 316 S.S.SpecificationsProcess Connection Transducer to be used along with probe SC120Specifications Specify length (See Note 1) 1/2" NPT conduit entry Rod's or Cable length NoneOther - Specify Aluminum die castElectrical Connection 1 1/2" ThreadType of ThreadBSP Hallar / Tefzel (See Note 2) (See Note 3) 0None > -------...

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ORDERING INFORMATION CodeSC400Code1 23CodeBN0CodeLCodeNACodeC MTCodePTFE0XCodeP500 SpecificationsProcess ConnectionProbe to be used along with LV400/2 controller (see specs. below) > ------- NOTE: RODS MUST BE COATED WHEN USING THE PROBE WITH CONDUCTIVE MEDIUMS. Not a threadRod's lengthSpecify length 3/4" ThreadType of Thread Controller to be used along with SC400 probe BSP Specifications NPT1" ThreadOther - Specify Cable gland with 1/2"NPT conduit entryM12 connector1/2" NPT conduit entryEnclosureGlass filled nylonAluminum die cast PTFE 1/2" NPT conduit entryTypeSensors MaterialRigid RodM12...

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