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Level Control in Industrial Process 3 Digits Display - Easy Visualization of the Process Variable in % Easy configuration with 3 Push Bottons - Adjust the Setpoint for 2 Independent Level Active and Passive Input to Expand more Outputs. Microporcessor Technology. - Accuracy and Stability - Monitor the Input signal providing protection and a Fail Safe Class Protection. - IP40 (IEC60529) Protection. Polarity Inversion Power Surges The TR-202 is a compact device used to convert 4...20mA signal (2 wire) of the transmitters in Relay (SPDT). Can be easily configured to control or detection level (Min and Max). The set point adjustment allows two independent outputs are set in a range from 0 to 100%. Both configurations as the process variable are displayed on 3 digit display. The TR-202 has Fail Safe system providing more security against power failure, wire break , short circuit, overflow and others. From some applications is often used as an electronic pressure switch for alarm minimum and maximum pressure point, for actuation and automatic shutdown of pumps in control level and among other applications. The TR-202 is cost-effective, and can be a great option for replace complex controllers, as well as applied in all the line of Sitron's transmitters .

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TR-202 Current Coverter to Relay 4...20mA Current Converter to Relay (SPDT) Operating Voltage: >90mA / analog input short circuit >120mA Output Signal: 4...20mA (2 wires) analog Active or Passive Input Impedance: Protection: Polarity inversion, Power surges Visualization: 3 Digits 7 Segments Display Green: Output State Red: Off-set Yellow: Fail Safe Output State: Logic inversion via software Fail Condition: Wire break or short circuit on the input analog signal / Low Signal <3mA / High Signal> 22mA Enclosure: ABS (Resistant Thermoplastic) Fixation: DIN rail 35mm or Screws Class...

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Electrical Diagram Terminal connection Pins: 1 2 Active Input Passive Input 3 digits Display Leds: Max. Max Level Min. Level Min. F.S. Fail Safe DIF. Differential (Level Control) IND. Indenpendent (control) INV. Inversion of Logic Power Supply Passive Connection. - Different level of operation using only one Sensor. Standard Connection with 4...20mA. Expand to a Maximum of 10 equipments

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Level control in tanks with automatic activation and shutdown of pumps. Condition: -Level under or equal to the minimum setpoint: Pump ON -Level above or equal to the maximum setpoint: Pump Off Independent 2 points detection Condition: -Level above or equal to the minimum setpoint: Min. ON -Level above or equal to the Maximum setpoint: Max. ON E Sitron 000% Max. O DIF. Mn. O IND. F.S.    INV. Sitron - Brasil R. Baronesa de Itu, 83 Sitron - USA Sao Paulo - SP- 01231-001 1800 Prime Place Fone: +55 (11) 3825-2111 Hauppauge, NY 11788 Fax: +55 (11) 3825-2171 PH: 516-935-8001 www.sitron.com...

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