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TRASCO® couplings TRASCO® flexible coupling is the flexible and omocinetic coupling that assures the best performance in relation to the physical space occupied in its class. It has a very compact design and allows safe power transmission by absorbing peak loads and torsional vibrations. Moreover, the elastic design of the polyurethane gear ring compensates angular and radial misalignments and also absorbs small shaft length variation. The involute profile of the gear ring teeth prevents high stress concentration on reduced surfaces and the crowned profile avoids the transmission of axial...

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Spider The gear ring is made of a particular polyurethane resin which shows great advantages in comparison to the standard polyurethanes available on the market. The urethane compound of our polyurethane gear ring offers resistance to aging, hydrolysis, fatigue, and abrasion making it suitable for even the most demanding applications in high humidity conditions. It is self-dampening and shows a great resistance to the main chemical agents, acids, oils, and ozone. Special types of gear rings are available in order to provide the right solution for each specific application covering a large...

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TRASCO® coupling sizing as per DIN 740/2 1) Verify the nominal torque The nominal torque of the coupling must be greater than or equal to the nominal torque of the drive multiplied by the temperature safety factor. Note that: Where PN is the motor nominal power in kW. 2) Verify the maximum torque The max torque of the coupling must be greater than or equal to the starting torque Ts multiplied by the safety factors Sθ, Sz, Su where Su is the higher value between driver and driven units. 3) Verify torque with reversal In case of torque with reversals it must be verified that: where Tkw =...

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Type of stress Harmonic Misalignment Size The values shown in the table for radial and angular misalignment, must be corrected in case they are simultaneously acting on the coupling. The sum of the admissible value (A) and the respective values shown in the table must be less than or equal to 1. Maximum axial misalignment - ”S” execution Maximum radial misalignment Maximum axial misalignment - ”P” execution Maximum angular misalignment Dynamic torsional rigidity Dynamic torsional rigidity CTdin is the first derivate of the nominal torque of half coupling in respect to the torsion angle. ϕ...

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Technical performances For particular applications needed, such as very high chemical resistance, spiders made of special material are available. Contact our Technical Department. Spider - 92 Sh A - YELLOW Size Dynamic torsional CTdin (0,75 TKN) [Nm/rad] rigidity CTdin (0,5 TKN) [Nm/rad] Torsion angle Dampening factor Resonance factor Dynamic torsional CTdin (0,75 TKN) [Nm/rad] rigidity CTdin (0,5 TKN) [Nm/rad] Torsion angle Dampening factor Resonance factor Spider - 64 Sh D - GREEN Size Dynamic torsional CTdin (0,75 TKN) [Nm/rad] rigidity CTdin (0,5 TKN) [Nm/rad] Torsion angle Dampening...

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TRASCO® couplings for motors according to IEC standards (spider hardness 92 shore) Motor nominal torque Safety factor Motor nominal torque Direct Drives

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“GR” base program TRASCO® couplings are dimensionally manufactured to hub types “A” and “B”, the difference being the maximum shaft diameter which hubs can accept (corresponding respectively to the first and second code number). The long hub execution “L” (allows full coverage of the motor M shaft) is available in both “A” and “B” executions. Materials used for manufacture are: • cast iron grade GG25 (all sizes); • aluminum, die-casting • cast iron grade GGG40 and steel upon request. GRMP...A Dimensional specification hubs in GG25 Size * Sintered steel Dimensional specification hubs in...

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Stock range Hubs with finished bore H7, keyway, setscrew Type Stock range bore [mm] *ALU = Aluminum - AC = Steel - GG = Cast iron Setscrews types for single hubs Hub dimension Direct Drives

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TRASCO® - 10

“GRB” taper bush series TRASCO® couplings type GRB for taper bush SER-SIT, are manufactured in cast iron GG25. They combine the typical high performances of standard TRASCO® couplings with the advantages of easy mounting and dismounting offered by the taper bush SER-SIT. These hubs are manufactured in two different mounting executions: H • B1: installing of taper bush from inside • B2: installing of taper bush from outside (not available for size 90/100) The GRB execution eliminate the problem of fitting corrosion, making it suitable for all type of machinery. Hubs type B1 may be axially...

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TRASCO® - 11

“GRCAL” series for use with SIT-LOCK® elements type 8 This execution has been introduced to incorporate advantages offered by the SIT-LOCK® locking elements in the shaft-hub connection. The system allows for a quick, safe and backlash free mounting without the use of keyway and eliminating the need for lock H washers, spacers and stop rings. Many different solutions may be created to solve all kinds of application needs. We include hereunder a very useful example. In fact, the same hub bore allows the fitting of different shaft diameters. *: AC = steel / GG 25 = cast iron 25 / GS-400 =...

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TRASCO® - 12

“GRL” series with intermediate shaft The GRL series allows the joining of two shafts (even very distant) through two TRASCO® couplings and an intermediate shaft (length “Lw”) of customized dimension. The presence of two polyurethane rings allows high dampening capability and greater radial misalignments. As a standard, hubs are made of cast iron, while shafts are from steel; though, different materials can be used, according to different applications. Coupling configurator Coupling code Bore diameter Distance between two side shafts Lw Order example ALLUNGA GRMP...B Direct Drives

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