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30 HAND PUMPS hand pumps

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HAND PUMPS Introduction Adjustable pivot for the absolute lowest handle effort Pivoting linkage reduces wear for longer pump life Large bronze piston for more speed and durability Fine threaded, no slip release knob for complete control Adjustable relief valve for application flexibility and added safety High efficiency automatic unloading at crossover pressure hand pumps Cast iron pump body stands up to industrial environments with minimal wear P140 Model Shown SIMPLEX HAND PUMP PRODUCT OVERVIEW Wide Variety Simplex offers the widest selection of hand pump styles, reservoir sizes, and flow...

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HAND PUMPS Proper Size & Selection Portable Hand Pumps Aluminum Hand Pumps P82 P72 P71 P22 Single & two speed compact hand pumps deliver a constant flow to smaller cylinders or hydraulic powered tools regardless of load. Ideal when durability as well as portability are important. Aluminum hand pumps are the perfect choice when a light weight pump is required. The alloy construction resists corrosion and stands up to heat, welding sparks and other environments where composite pumps may not be suited. Heavy Duty Hand Pumps Specialty Hand Pumps hand pumps P140D P10004A P140 P1603A Heavy duty,...

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HAND PUMPS Proper Size & Selection Sizing The Proper Hand Pump To Your Cylinder Once you have selected your cylinder, find the required reservoir capacity in the cylinder specification chart, and choose a hand pump with at least 10% more reservoir capacity per cylinder. Example An R256 cylinder (page 11) has a required oil capacity of 32.2 cu. in. The P42 hand pump (page 34) with a reservoir capacity of 45 cu.in. can pump this cylinder to its full stroke. If two R256 cylinders are to be raised, use a P140 with a reservoir capacity of 175 cu.in. .25” I.D. hose requires .6 cu. in. oil per...

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HAND PUMPS P Series - Ultra High Pressure Accessories Note: .25'cone fittings use .56" -13 threads. .38" cone fittings use .75" -16 . ' Actual tubing lengths are .75" less than nominal size shown. These dimensions make distance between centers of valves and fittings multiple of 4" spaces. P60 ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE ACCESSORIES

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