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Solar Solutions Reliable and Process Optimised Solar Adhesive Systems

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Solar Solutions Adding Value with Adhesives and Sealants for Assembly and Installation Sika takes pride in delivering products and solutions that will last decades under harsh environmental conditions and in its 30 years successful experience in the facade and 15 years in the renewable energy industries. The range of solar applications may be extremely varied, but systems share the same need for outstanding performance. Solar systems have to consistently deliver the required output to give returns on long-term investments, even though facing tough conditions over long periods. The solar...

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Solar Solutions Building Integrated Photovoltaics _6 Solar Thermal Collectors _7 Concentrating Solar Power _8

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Solar Solutions Photovoltaic Modules Framing Aluminum frames and back bars add structural strength to the photovoltaic module. They protect the glass edge and the delicate interiors as well as provide the means for installation. In addition to defending against moisture and environmental attack, durable and reliable sealants provide long-term bonding and a degree of protection against mechanical shock. Sika’s fast curing structural adhesives and sealants not only carry out these essential functions, but also open up new design opportunities where reduced frame materials or larger module...

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Solar Solutions Junction Box Potting and Sealing Flexible Thin Film On electrical systems that are exposed to environmental conditions, protection of the electrical connections is vital. A junction box sealant must exclude moisture, be ame retardant, and also be a good insulator. While it is essential that thoroughly proven and reliable systems are used for encapsulation and sealing, the materials must also be optimised for the different stages of the manufacturing process. Flexible thin lm system technology is becoming more established amongst the other photovoltaic systems. As it is a...

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Solar Solutions Building Integrated Photovoltaics Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is an area where architectural design meets ecological responsibility. A BIPV facade or rooftop can improve a building’s energy consumption by providing both power and shade. There is also the challenge of getting the right balance between architectural appeal, optimal energy conversion and building functionality. Sika can call upon years of experience with facade and insulating glass design to help nalize a planned solution for solar integrated design. Sika Facade System brochures and the Sika website...

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Solar Solutions Solar Thermal Collectors The bonding technology is ideal for the automated production of at collectors and translates to enhanced product quality and cost savings during the design and production phase. The simplied methods mean that the cover glass can be bonded directly to the frame or tray of the collector, thus avoiding the need for additional proles, frames and dry gaskets. The process can also be entirely automated so that, together with the lower component count, substantial cost savings can be realized. The approved and tested products ensure that vital joints are...

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Solar Solutions Concentrating Solar Power Concentrating Solar Power plants require failure-proof components to ensure continuous power production and a safe return on investment. As a result, the adhesive to bond the mirror xation to the mirror must show a high longevity and provide a scalable solution. These factors together with the harsh environment of the reectors demand the use of proven systems. The variety of xation systems vary considerably, therefore Sika is providing an established range of adhesives and a comprehensive engineering support department to lead customers to the...

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Solar Solutions The Ideal Product for Every Application Applications – Structural bonding of mounting systems – Frame bonding – Junction box bonding – Solar thermal collector bonding 2-component structural silicone adhesive – Fast curing and high strength – Outstanding UV and weathering resistance – Low volatility – UL 94 V-0, RTI 105 °C – Meets EOTA ETAG 002 – Structural bonding of mounting systems – Solar thermal collector bonding 2-component structural silicone adhesive – High strength – Remains exible over a wide temperature range – Superior durability – Low volatility – Meets EOTA ETAG...

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Solar Solutions Our Expertise – Your Advantage Performance Construction consultancy – Review of existing solar systems relating to suitability for bonding – Advice on system improvements Functional testing – Support with prototyping – Functional tests / test plan of whole system for compatibility, adhesion and function Application technology – Active consulting, including the selection of application technology – System and equipment engineering / bonding technology – Support of equipment application procedures Applicator training – Preparation of operating manuals for bonding in conformity...

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Solar Solutions Sika develops bonding and sealing solutions in close cooperation with its customers in the solar industry. To Sika, this means not only developing best-in-class technology solutions to match the customer’s technical and commercial requirements, but also ensuring appropriate performance throughout the design, prototyping, validation and full production phases. Experts in Sika’s R&D, Technical Service and Systems Engineering specialise in devising unique client-oriented solutions. Design and System Engineering State-of-the-art new adhesives and sealants, as well as innovative...

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Sika Worldwide Sika is a globally active company supplying the specialty chemicals markets. It is a leader in processing materials used in sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures in construction (buildings and infrastructure construction) and in industry (vehicle, building component and equipment production). Sika’s product lines feature high-quality concrete admixtures, specialty mortars, sealants and adhesives, damping and reinforcing materials, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring and membranes. Subsidiaries in more than 70 countries...

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