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Technical Data Sheet Version 1 / 2004 SikaLastomer®-710 Butyl Sealant Technical Product Data Chemical base Colour (CSQP1) 001-1) Density (uncured) (CSQP 006-4) Application temperature Skin formation time2) (CSQP 019-1) Shrinkage (CSQP 014-1) Service temperature (CSQP 513-3) Shelf life (storage below 25°C) (CSQP 016-1) CSQP = Corporate Sika Quality Standards Description SikaLastomer®-710 is a pasty, non-sagging, on a butyl paste based sealant which contains solvents. The curing takes place by physical drying. This product can be used for the plastic sealing of joints in many industrial sectors. ® SikaLastomer -710 is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001/14001 quality assurance system and with the responsible care program. Product Benefits - 1-C, butyl sealant - Cures without heat - Easy to apply - Good adhesive spectrum - Good ageing resistance - Plastic product - Later disassembly possible Areas of Application SikaLastomer®-710 is especially suitable for plastic sealing with a possibility of future disassembly. It can be used in the car, bus, truck and caravan industry. SikaLasto® mer -710 shows good adhesion on almost every technical surface with minimal surface pretreatment. Butyl White, grey, black 1,4 kg/l approx. +10°C to 35°C 10 min. - 30 min. approx. 12% approx. -30°C to +80°C 12 months

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SikaLastomer®-710 - 2

Method of Application Surface preparation ® should be SikaLastomer -710 applied to surfaces which are clean, dry and free of dust, oil and fat. In case of doubt we recommend testing prior to final application. Application Pierce cartridge Cartridge: membrane. Unipac: Place unipac in the application gun and snip off the closure clip. Cut off the tip of the nozzle to suit joint width and gun the sealant into the joint with a suitable handoperated or compressed-air gun, taking care to avoid air entrapment. Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C or above 35°C. Tooling, finishing Joints made...

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