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WHITE PAPER INVESTING INTO PEAK PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS FOR MAXIMISING AUTO GLASS REPLACEMENT AND ADAS CALLIBRATION OPERATIONS TO BOOST COMPETITIVE EDGE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The replacement of windshields, and the way vehicles must be (re) calibrated is evolving fast. In this complex environment technology standard drive a significant shift at both windshield installation and recalibration of the advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS). Modern passenger cars and commercial vehicles require a safer, more robust and efficient windshield replacement process. This paper provides auto glass companies, fleet operators and insurer solutions to achieve this, particularly when it comes to controllable elements such as the windshield replacement adhesive. We look at the current state of play in the market, delve into unique challenges the auto glass industry faces, with in-house and mobile installations, different climates and a vast number of different cars and ADAS systems creating a host of installation challenges. The windshield ensures undistorted view. And it is one of the most important parts of a car because it is an integral part of a vehicle’s safety system. Its role is to stay in place and keep occupants inside the vehicle in case of an accident. It not only serves as the backboard for the inflating passenger airbags, todays vehicles are stiffened by bonded windshields. It is vital that the windshield stays attached to the car body even in a rollover accident. If a windshield is not installed properly, it can come loose in a collision and separate from the car body flange, causing serious injuries. AFTERMARKET WHITE PAPER We discuss solutions helping to ensure a safe, precise, robust windshield installation which meet automotive OEM standards based on peak performance helping to boost competitive edge of auto glass companies, fleet operators and insurers. SIKA SERVICES AG • TM INDUSTRY • TÜFFENWIES 16 • CH-8048 ZÜRICH

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ADAS: IT IS CHANGING THE AUTO GLASS BUSINESS NOW Since the auto glass business became a stand-alone industry and despite its high level of specialization in the past the auto glass business had relatively low barriers of entry and at times, incomplete information has been a challenge. The industry traditional risks have been influenced by the simple fact that they either required “really bad things” to happen or that it took months to see that the wrong installation caused leakages e.g. at a car wash or when it rains or an adhesive failure which can cause a massive safety risk. Wrong tools...

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A COMPETITIVE OPPORTUNITY FOR FIRST MOVERS ADAS and new design concepts of cars with increased structural complexity created a dynamic in the auto glass replacement industry in which the need to optimize the selection of materials, operational excellence and efficiency. The reduction of comeback costs and short vehicle down times became eminent to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. Auto glass companies and fleet operators know that operational optimization have a significant impact on their bottom line and long-term sustainability but in many cases, companies are not yet acting on...

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THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIP Collaboration is key to unlock success in the auto glass industry. Sika and its local sales and technical support organizations are here to support you to find the right product and auto glass replacement adhesive training solutions for auto glass specialists or fleet operators. By working together with automotive OEMs, auto glass experts and industry bodies Sika is benefiting from industry-leading tools, research and expertise helping us to constantly maintain and drive technology leadership with our auto glass replacement adhesives. CONCLUSIONS This is a time of...

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