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Industry Fast Reaction. Superior Strength. SikaFast ® ADP Acrylic Adhesive Systems

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SikaFast ® – The fast-curing adhesive system for structural bonding applications SikaFast ® – Typical applications Sika ® ADP technology Derived from acrylic chemistry, Sika developed its new Sika ® ADP technology (Acrylic Double Performance), keeping the positive while overcoming the limiting features of acrylics. This resulted in the unique range of fast-curing, exible, low odour SikaFast ® 2-component adhesive systems. This user-friendly, solvent-free adhesive technology forms the basis for a new generation of Sika adhesives, which are characterised by rapid strength development,...

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SikaFast ® – The benets of the Sika ® ADP technology … in engineering and production optimisation … regarding quality Rapid strength development SikaFast ® allows adequate time for application, while still obtaining full cure very quickly. This adhesive system offers the ideal combination of a relatively long open time, i.e. between 3 and 9 minutes depending on the type of SikaFast ®, and a rapid strength development to reach handling and nal strength within a few minutes of application. These properties allow manufacturers to maintain short cycle times for efcient and economical...

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SikaFast ® – The professional solution Sika – Solution driven customer service The satisfactory performance of an adhesive solution depends on the correct design and the right choice of the adhesive system. Our professional team of technical consultants works together with the customers and Sika’s System Engineering and Technical Service departments to help design the best solution for specic customer requirements. Quality of service, for Sika, means meeting the needs and wishes of the customers as promptly and efciently as possible. The joint development of solutions together with the...

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SikaFast ® – The product range Product type Open time Time to handling strength Aluminum, steel, lacquers, ABS, PVC (hard), polycarbonate, PMMA, PS, UP, GRP Improved for glass bonding; aluminum, steel, lacquers, ABS, PVC (hard), polycarbonate, PMMA, PS, UP, GRP Aluminum, steel, lacquers, ABS, PVC (hard), polycarbonate, PMMA, PS, UP, GRP Packaging sizes: 50 ml dual cartridge, 250 ml dual cartridge, 20 liter pail Sika ® ADPrep-5901 General surface preparation agent for Sika® ADP adhesive systems Packaging size: 250 ml bottle 1) ABS, PC, PMMA, and PS are thermoplastics and submitted to...

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