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Industry Automotive Realizing Visions

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Automotive Technology Creating Solutions for Increased Productivity Sika is supplier and development partner to the automotive industry. Our state-of-art technologies provide solutions for increased structural performance, added acoustic comfort and improved production processes. As a specialty company for chemical products, we concentrate on our core competencies: Bonding – Sealing – Damping – Reinforcing. As a globally operating company, we are partner to our customers worldwide. Sika is represented with its own subsidiaries in all automobile-producing countries, thus guaranteeing a...

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Automotive Technology

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Automotive Technology Direct Glazing For over 20 years, Sika has been providing OEM assembly lines with adhesive and sealant solutions for sealing, bonding and direct glazing. Primerless, manual and automated pre-treatment options are available to t the needs of a variety of OEM application processes in order to create signicant cost savings and process simplication. Sika offers pre-treatment technologies focused on eco-friendly solutions, which result in a solvent-free direct glazing process. Our solutions create process simplication and cost efciency from the initial design through to the...

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Automotive Technology Direct Glazing Professional repair technologies OEM approved repair solutions with SikaTack®

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Automotive Technology Exterior Bonding The environment is sometimes as temperamental as a car. To survive under the harshest conditions, all necessary requirements for strength, elasticity and high-performance must be met, even on difcult substrates such as carbon ber substrates or PBT. The Sika product range for external applications in the automotive industry is an integrated system. SikaForce®, SikaFast®, Sikaex® and SikaTack® Plus provide the ultimate solution for external applications such as spoilers, trunk lids, roof systems, headlamps and air-ducts. In addition to the structural...

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Automotive Technology Exterior Bonding Bonding and sealing of headlamp with Sikaex® Bonding of front grill with SikaForce®

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Automotive Technology Interior Bonding With the world changing fast, so have the needs of automotive manufacturers. In the lamination and assembly of interior bonding applications, technologies which reduce cycle times and fulll all strength, heat resistance and emission value requirements while remaining cost-effective and environmentally sound, provide the industry with not only simplied production processes but additional solutions. Sika has developed several hot-melt and solvent- and water-based technologies to create strong adhesion to various substrates. SikaMelt ®, SikaTherm® and...

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Automotive Technology Interior Bonding SikaMelt ® offers customers a variety of solutions. Classic hot-melt technology were developed to provide the initial green strength without any pre-treatment. SikaMelt® technology used in the bonding of load oors Technological Benets – Low application weights – Low reactivation temperatures – High-strength, heat-resistant bonds – Low-fogging and emission values – Dry cleaning resistant – Weather- and age-resistant – Fast-tack development – Strong bond to PP plastic components Customized solutions for high-volume production

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Automotive Technology Interior Bonding SikaTherm® water-based adhesives offer high-performance, one- and two-part polyurethane dispersions, which may be applied by dispensing equipment or by hand. Meeting the highest aging standards, SikaTherm® has established itself both in pressure and vacuum lamination, suitable also for leather. Innovative technologies to meet the highest standards and specications Technological Benets – One- and two-sided adhesive application – Low reactivation temperatures – High-strength, heat-resistant bonds – Low-fogging and emission values – Short ash-off times –...

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Automotive Technology Interior Bonding SikaSense® is a traditional solvent-based adhesive known for high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive dispersions used for automobile tapes and sound damping solutions. Electronic Potting Technological Benets Tailor-made two-component SikaForce® products are especially suitable for electronic potting and sealing applications. SikaForce® technology meets exceptionally high demands in the adhesion to PBT and PA 6.6, as well as the ageing performance for components such as airbag control units, engine control units and side airbag release relays. –...

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Automotive Technology Structural Bonding & Sealing The need for speed has never been greater than in today’s world. This is also true for the car manufacturers. Structural bonding is easy to combine with other joining techniques. Flexibility, durability and a reduction in spot welding points are just a few of the benets achieved by using structural bonding and sealing technology. SikaPower® adhesives and sealants are heat-curing products based on one- and two-component PUR-epoxy hybrid technology. This technology covers a wide range of body-in-white sealants and adhesives including...

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Automotive Technology Structural Bonding & Sealing Enhanced manufacturing processes using SikaPower® Technological Benets Anti-utter bonding and sealing using SikaPower® 2C – Adhesion to various oiled metals without pre-treatment – Excellent ageing and long-term durability – Superb wash-out resistance – Low-bake curing to improve object temperature variations – Solvent- and PVC-free – 1- and 2C products

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Automotive Technology Structural Reinforcement During the last few years customer requirements for vehicle safety in the automotive industry have Technological Benets continuously increased. Therefore the employment of additional structural measures to reinforce the – Localized structural strengthening vehicle body structure have become essential. These structural reinforcements embrace measurements of car body shell which optimize crash performance, increase torsion stiffness and reduce noise and vibration in the auto– Optimized dissipation of crash impact motive industry. – Enhanced body...

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