SDS2000 VS DS2000A_EN_Siglent


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SDS2000 VS DS2000A_EN_Siglent - 2

SDS2000 supports two or four analog channels, standard digital channels DS2000A only supports only two analog channels, digital channels are not supported, you need to replace the

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SDS2000 VS DS2000A_EN_Siglent - 3

SDS2000 has more friendly interactive interface, graphical help system, better user DS2000A User Interface

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SDS2000 VS DS2000A_EN_Siglent - 4

Display Sf stam C@mpirison grading and color temperature display, an abnormal waveform can be found DS2000 only supports 256 intensity grading

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SDS2000 VS DS2000A_EN_Siglent - 5

capture and history functions, ^sequence acquisition mode, known as segmented memory, the memory space is divided into multiple segments, each space to store a triggered frame; DS2000A supports waveform recording, >History mode, that is waveform recording, supports for history playback frame by frame, measure, zoom, cursor measurements, locate

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SDS2000 VS DS2000A_EN_Siglent - 6

The SDS2000 function generator option can be ordered either with the unit at the time of purchase or can be added easily with no new hardware at any time. -Built-in generator oulpul terminal Embedded 10 kinds of waveforms, multiple parameters configuration >Supports arbitrary waveform output DS2000A does not support signal source, you need to replace the

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SDS2000 VS DS2000A_EN_Siglent - 8

Input FM waveform to both oscilloscope(sine 50KHz,4Vpp,FM frequency 50Hz and FM Dev. 50KHz), at the same time base of 2us, and turn off the persist .

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SDS2000 VS DS2000A_EN_Siglent - 9

Enable the pass/fail test function of both oscilloscope, and turn on the message display, we can see SDS2000 has both high pass and fail test speed, while the fail test speed of DS2000A is very Offset OmVdc SCLENT TEST M 5001,5 Ow-Wif,

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SDS2000 VS DS2000A_EN_Siglent - 10

Input an sine wave(frequency 10MHz and time base 10ms)to both oscilloscope, then turn to the Zoom mode, adjust the horizontal level, we can see the Zoom waveform of SDS2000 is stable, while DS2000A is not Stable and has obvious jitter.

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