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Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro


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Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro - 1

Pha&e voll^S® ULI’W-^ Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro The motor management system for safety, transparency and efficiency. Connected to the Cloud.

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SIMOCODE pro. A long-established synonym for motor management. People today use the word SIMOCODE to mean “motor management and control devices” because, among specialists, SIMOCODE has long since become a generic term for this technology. Because SIMOCODE pro is uncomplicated and easy to use. Because you can rely on SIMOCODE pro over many, many years. And because SIMOCODE pro always leads the field from a technological viewpoint. As it is doing now with its interface to the Cloud.

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Flexible, modular, integrated. The way modern motor management should be. For 30 years now, SIMOCODE pro has been controlling and monitoring low-voltage, constant-speed motors all over the world. Wherever motors keep things running in the process industry, SIMOCODE is there. Many thousands of times over. Now even more powerful thanks to connection to the Cloud. The highlights of SIMOCODE pro • xtensive protection, monitoring and control functions, E independent of the automation system • etailed operational, service and diagnostics data – D at any time or place • Safe shutdown of motors •...

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Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro - 4

SIMOCODE pro. A really strong family. Two functionally graded device series form the core of the multifunctional SIMOCODE pro motor management system: General Performance and High Performance. The devices in both series incorporate all essential motor protection, monitoring and control functions – including data transparency through the Cloud connection. SIMOCODE pro General Performance is your entry into modern motor management and addresses standard motor applications. SIMOCODE pro High Performance features up to five expansion modules and offers additional measured variables. Find out...

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Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro - 5

SIMOCODE pro Safety: Fail-safe expansion modules Various modules are available for SIMOCODE pro for the extended protection of personnel, machines and the environment. These guarantee the safety-related shutdown of motors and meet all the requirements of the standards. The advantages: • unctional switching and fail-safe shutdown without F manual wiring or additional effort • afety function parameters can be flexibly configured S • ransfer of meaningful diagnostic data to the T control system • ogging of errors for detailed evaluation L • Fail-safe shutdown via PROFIsafe Current / voltage...

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Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro - 6

Remove pump blockages and increase availability. Say goodbye to blocked pumps with SIMOCODE pro – the modular, compact motor management system that tackles the challenge by automatically reversing the pump. Another benefit: SIMOCODE pro can be retrofitted in existing plants. Every water utility is familiar with the problems of a blocked pump – and the possible consequences: environmental harm, damage due to flooding, and dangers to health as a result of lifting and cleaning pumps. This is compounded by the financial impact of plant downtimes. SIMOCODE pro monitors the current and active...

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Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro - 7

Reliable monitoring. Dry-running protection reconceptualized. Reliable dry-running protection is a must in many applications in the chemical industry. SIMOCODE pro reliably prevents the dry running of centrifugal pumps in order to preclude hazardous situations – and completely redefines dry-running protection for pumps in hazardous areas with an innovative solution. Continuous monitoring for active power undershoot Active power P [kW] Motor feeder Motor feeder with SIMOCODE pro Level sensor Conventional dry-running monitoring with a sensor Active power-based dry-running protection Sensors...

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Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro - 8

Digitalization for more economical operation: SIMOCODE pro with OPC UA The open and supplier-independent communication via OPC UA guarantees the direct exchange of data with HMI panels or SCADA systems. Motor, process and plant data is therefore available without any losses, wherever it is needed: At the switchboard, but also in the control room for diagnostic purposes. As part of the digital revolution and the efforts to evaluate vast quantities of data even more quickly, all feeder data from SIMOCODE pro can be transmitted by the most direct route to the Cloud using OPC UA. The data can...

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Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro - 9

SIMOCODE ES: For diagnostics and simple configuration, including in the TIA Portal SIMOCODE ES provides you with the software for the configuration, startup, operation and diagnosis of SIMOCODE pro. The software is based on the central Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) engineering framework, providing an integrated, efficient and intuitive solution for all automation tasks. SIMOCODE ES offers you a host of advantages, including convenient configuration in the device view, graphical commissioning using drag and drop functions, presentation of signal states online, or clear...

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Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro - 10

Multifunction modules Current measuring modules Basic units SIMOCODE pro S • 24 V DC • 110 ... 240 V AC/DC SIMOCODE pro V PN GP • 24 V DC, 2 ports • 110 ... 240 V AC/DC, 2 ports • 24 V DC, 1 port • 110 ... 240 V AC/DC, 1 port SIMOCODE pro S multifunction modules Monostable relay outputs, input voltage • 24 V DC 3UF7600-1AB01-0 Connection cables 3UF793x-0AA00-0 connection cables available in various versions from 0.025 m - 0.5 m

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Basic unit Operator panel Ground-fault module Digital modules Temperature module Analog module Current / voltage measuring module Kommunikation Basic units Expansion modules Digital modules SIMOCODE pro V Modbus RTU Stromerfassungs• 24 V DC modul • 110 ... 240 V AC/DC Current / voltage measuring modules Profibus Straightthrough transformers Busbar connection 1 Relay outputs Input voltage Fail-safe Multifunktionsmodul expansion modules DM-F Local fail-safe digital module Rated control supply voltage • 24 V DC • 110 ... 240 V AC/DC DM-F PROFIsafe fail-safe digital module1) Standard version...

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