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SIRIUS 3SK Safety Relays


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SIRIUS 3SK Safety Relays The quick and easy way to productive systems SIRIUS Monitor

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Why does machine safety play such an important role in the latest safety standards? What is safety? Safety defines a state in which the risk of damage is reduced to a tolerable level, or which can be regarded as risk-free. Functional safety refers to the protection of people, machinery, and the environment. Safety function: A safety function describes the reaction of a machine/plant when a specific event occurs (e.g. opening of a protective door). Execution of the safety function is performed by a safety-related control system, which usually consists of three subsystems: The following...

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DETECTING Which sensors can be connected? Mechanical and electronic sensors: EVALUATING How can you perform quick, flexible evaluation? Whereas regular 3SK1 safety applications can be quickly and simply expanded with inputs and outputs using innovative device connectors, demanding safety functions are now also easy to implement on the new 3SK2 devices with simple drag-and-drop parameterization. SIRIUS 3SE5 position/safety switches SIRIUS 3SE6 non-contact safety switches SIRIUS ACT EMERGENCY STOP 3SU18 command devices SIRIUS ACT 3SU1 two-hand operation consoles y SIRIUS 3SE29/39 foot...

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ON Sensor input / start type Cross-circuit detection Sensor connection Testing at start REACTING Which actuators can be connected? e Protectiv door with device locking tput Indep. ou functions SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters SIRIUS 3SK2 Software benefits at a glance • Easy setup of complex safety applications with drag-and-drop • Efficient commissioning using test mode, forcing and extensive diagnostics • Faster preparation of documentation SIRIUS 3RM1 motor start

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Rated control Enabling Signaling Article No. supply voltage circuits circuits Screw terminals Time delay Article No. Spring-loaded terminals (push-in)

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Discover the flexible ways to use them. Find out for yourself how easy it is to set parameters. Easily implement efficient and economical safety chains throughout your installations. Play it safe with SIRIUS 3SK: Technical information and support are available at or in the Industry Online Support App. Google Play I V AppStore Follow us: Published by Siemens AG Smart Infrastructure Control Products Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 48-50 92224 Amberg, Germany For the U.S. published by Siemens Industry Inc. 100 Technology...

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