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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 1

Simply safe – twice the efficiency! Safety Integrated for drive technology and motion control

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 2

Focused approach for more safety As machine builder and company operating machines, your topmost priority is to guarantee the safety of man and the environment when your machines are being used and to boost productivity. We can support you in achieving this goal – with integrated safety functions in our drives and more than 100 years of experience in industrial safety systems. Safety lntegrated – including higher performance Today, machines and plants are becoming increasingly more flexible and productive – not least as a result of new safety concepts, which facilitate faster operation but...

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 3

“The prevention of accidents must be seen not as a regulation prescribed by law but as a dictate of human obligation and sound economic sense.” Werner von Siemens, 1880 If this is not fully possible, or if not all of the risks can be avoided by taking the appropriate design measures, then the appropriate protective measures must be implemented. For example, by embedding one or several safety functions in the system. Normally, a safety function comprises three subfunctions: Detect (position switch, Emergency Stop, light curtain etc.) Evaluate (fail-safe control, safety relays, modular safety...

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 4

Safety functions according to IEC 61800-5-2 -integrated in the drive Automated operation of plants and machinery assumes that suitable safety functions are available, so that operating and maintenance personnel can always work safely in any situation. For SINAMICS with Safety Integrated, these functions are already integrated in the drive. Safety functions in SINAMICS drives can be split up into four categories: Functions to safely stop the drive Functions for safe brake management Safe brake control (SBC) Safe torque off Safe st°p 1 (STO) (SS1) STO SBC • Function: STO safely sets the drive...

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 5

Functions for safely monitoring drive motion Safely-limited speed (SLS) Safe speed monitor (SSM) • Function: Supplies a safety-related signal as long as the drive operates below a specified speed/feed velocity • Application: When a non-critical speed is reached, for example, a protective door can be released or a centrifuge filled • Benefits: Depending on the particular situation, different response options to the safe feedback signal, evaluation using a safety-related control • Function: It is safely monitored that the drive can only move in the permissible direction; if the drive moves in...

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 6

Safety Integrated – simply better We have equipped our SINAMICS drives with Safety Integrated, as this functionality directly supports you in building better machines. Based on Safety Integrated, your machines provide an increased level of safety – with low associated costs – today, and also when the system is expanded in the future. Compare for yourself! When designing and implementing safety-related solutions, in addition to ensuring that they function absolutely perfectly, what is especially important is the costs associated with achieving the required result. This is not only as a...

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 7

Conventional safety technology Safety technology Safety Integrated Automation Safety technology integrated in the automation Detect Evaluate Fail-safe control Contactors PROFINET / PROFIsafe React Frequency converter Contactors Evaluate A safety application involving Emergency Stop and setting-up operation – where the speed is monitored – is demonstrated in this example. Using conventional safety technology, this application would be implemented in a separate circuit. The Emergency Stop push button signal is evaluated using a safety relay. The converter is isolated from the line supply and...

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 8

Safety Integrated -just get started You can quickly find the solution for your drive and safety application in the extensive SINAMICS portfolio with Safety Integrated - it is simple to implement, straightforward to commission and future-proof in operation. Emergency Stop Setting-up operation with safely-limited speed d * o Objective reached in just a few steps SINAMICS with Safety Integrated means that you can very simply and reliably engineer your safety functions. In a typical application for SINAMICS with Safety Integrated, the Emergency Stop signal should safely stop the machine and...

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 9

Basic stand-alone safety solution with SINAMICS G120 A stand-alone solution based on SINAMICS G120 can be realized in just a few steps: 1. Connect the sensors and operating devices directly to the drive. 2. Parameterize the functions in SINAMICS Startdrive. Standard default values for most of the parameters are already preconfigured. Application-related parameters still have to be set, for example, the SS1 delay time. The fail-safe system is now active. Velocity monitoring Integrated safety solution with SINAMICS G120 The integrated safety solution with SIMATIC via safe communication based...

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 10

Integrated safety with SINUMERIK SINAMICS drives teamed up with SINUMERIK controls equipped with Safety Integrated also offer a wealth of advantages for machine tools: lower engineering costs, less external wiring, faster commissioning – and all of this with customized safety functions. 1. Simple safety requirements with few sensors and actuators at the machine This solution operates with a SINUMERIK 828 and a SINAMICS S120 for extended as well as with CU320 SINAMICS S120 for basic safety functions. The control is connected to the converter via DRIVE-CLiQ or PROFINET; the operating devices...

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Simply safe – twice the efficiency - 11

2. Complex machine with SINUMERIK 840D sl and SINAMICS All safety functions are integrated in the SINUMERIK 840D and the SINAMICS drive (ready-to-run) with this solution for complex machines. Communication between the control, intelligent I/O and converter is realized via PROFIBUS or PROFINET; the safe actuators and sensors are connected via ET 200SP, for example. This concept facilitates extensive adaptation and expansion options – and can be simply commissioned and documented. System-integrated safety functions Drive-based Extended safety functions Safe sensors and actuators

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