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Leading accuracy. Fastest update rate. SITRANS F C digital Coriolis solutions.

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SITRANS F C | Why choose Siemens? Digitize your productivity. From the smallest dose of chemicals to the massive quantities of bunker fuel pumped into a cargo ship, the Siemens Coriolis flowmeter portfolio harnesses the power of digital signal processing to bring you market-leading accuracy, a best-in-class update rate and unmatched customization flexibility for applications of every size and scope. SITRANS F C flow systems simplify your day-to-day operation thanks to innovative features like an easy-to-navigate graphical interface, a removable SensorFlash® microSD card and an integrated...

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Why choose Siemens? | SITRANS F C By choosing a SITRANS F C digital Coriolis solution from Siemens, you can optimize your entire process for increased productivity, enhanced efficiency and a better bottom line across virtually every industry. Business is built on trust, and Siemens has all the qualities of a truly reliable solution partner. Our global network of instrumentation and automation experts is there whenever you need it - 24/7. Optional commissioning and other service packages from experienced product specialists can be ordered directly from the PIA Life Cycle Portal.

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The future is digital - making better decisions faster Today's digital revolution is opening exciting new doors for the process industries. By enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of manufacturing without any loss of quality, digitalization empowers companies to reduce time-to-market and gain a competitive edge. Intelligent devices and systems generate valuable data with the potential to improve process transparency and enable smarter choices. Leveraged properly, this wealth of information makes it possible to maximize your plant's efficiency, respond more quickly to customer needs and...

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Digitalization empowers the process industries to reduce time-to-market as well as energy and resource consumption. Join the digital revolution with intelligent instrumentation like the SITRANS F C portfolio. Minimize errors and maximize stability Next-generation SITRANS F C flowmeters digitize the signal at the earliest stage of the measurement process, resulting in a very strong signal-to-noise ratio. You benefit from exceptional measurement accuracy along with high resistance to process noise and a stable zero point. Your SITRANS F C solution can also be integrated seamlessly into any...

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SITRANS F C | Transmitter platform The versatile top performers. SITRANS FCT010 and FCT030. The universal SITRANS F C transmitter program has been designed to deliver market-leading accuracy and data update speed while also ensuring unmatched noise immunity and simplicity in use. Based on a digital platform and driven by a powerful measurement algorithm, Siemens Coriolis transmitters are individually configurable to deliver true multiparameter measurements – including mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature and fraction (e.g. Brix and Plato) – and feature a range of innovations to...

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Transmitter platform | SITRANS F C Rapid response time Enhance your measurement precision and reliability with the best-in-class 100 Hz data update rate, enabling fast detection of and response to even the smallest changes in flow – ideal even for fast-moving batching, dosing and filling processes. The audit trail feature automatically stores up to 100 records per log of each change made to a value or setting, including the time and method. The graphical interface provides intuitive menu navigation with the ability to display trend curves and define up to 6 user-configurable parameters on...

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Sensor platform One platform. Infinite solutions. With the digital SITRANS F C program, you can customize a flow system to your exact needs now - and adapt it easily to changing requirements in the future. A standardized interface creates modularity between all of our Coriolis sensors and transmitters, securing the highest levels of flexibility and competitiveness for almost every flow measurement challenge and operating environment.

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Sensor platform | SITRANS F C True plug-and-play functionality, including multiplug electrical connectors, reduces the amount of time and effort required for installation. The SITRANS F C sensor program includes solutions for pipe sizes from DI 1.5 to DN 150 and for a wide range of media and flow rates. Whether you are measuring drops per hour in a pharmaceutical dosing process, kilograms per minute of crude oil, or anything in between - our dedicated portfolio has you covered. Wetted parts: 316 L stainless steel, C4 (2.4610) nickel alloy or C22 (2.4602) nickel alloy Enclosure: 304 L...

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The SITRANS FC330 is a remarkable digital Coriolis flow solution that combines the compact SITRANS FCS300 sensor with the state-of-the-art SITRANS FCT030 transmitter. Our goal in developing the FC330 was to enhance your productivity by increasing the efficiency of your operations. The result is a cutting-edge flowmeter at the top of its class in accuracy and reliability - yet spacesaving and easy to work with. Robust and compact The SITRANS FCS300 is one of the most compact Coriolis sensors on the market. Its small size simplifies installation and replacement, and also allows you to...

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The adaptable SITRANS FC330 fits in almost anywhere. Customize your system with standard, hygienic or NAMUR sensors along with a wide range of approvals, configurable I/Os and process connections, including flanged, pipe-thread, hygienic thread and hygienic clamp. High precision, low maintenance The SITRANS FC330 flow system features market-leading standard accuracy of 0.1% of flow rate and best-in-class density accuracy of 2 kg/m³ for enhanced quality control. It is also capable of measuring two homogeneously mixed substances passing through the same medium, known as fraction flow. The...

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Just the right fit for tight spaces. SITRANS FC310. Fit more meters into less space and reduce skid size without compromising performance. The SITRANS FC310 is a combination of the compact yet sophisticated SITRANS FCT010 transmitter and SITRANS FCS300 sensor. It has been developed for applications where space is at a premium and dedicated performance is preferred, offering market-leading 0.1% accuracy and unmatched reliability. Its all-in-one design means streamlined installation, easy integration into your control system, and optimal cost efficiency since you only pay for what you really...

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