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Products for Process Instrumentation Process Automation Pressure Measurement Temperature Measurement Flow Measurement Level Measurement Process Protection Supplementary Components Services for Process Instrumentation Catalog FI 01 · 2021 Supersedes: Catalog FI 01· 2018 Refer to the Industry Mall for current updates of this catalog: and as PDF at the following address: For comfortable, fast and error free product selection you will get support in our PIA Life Cycle Portal: Please contact your local Siemens branch. ©...

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High-quality processes are crucial in the process industry. Only then do you get the required results. And it is only then that plants work efficiently and therefore productively. Process instrumentation and analytics as well as weighing technology all play a crucial role here. They measure, analyze, regulate, and control industrial processes and thus contribute to increasing the efficiency of process plants and improving their product quality. Benefit from the versatility of our holistic solutions for your process tasks -with integrated solutions from a single source. Benefit from the...

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In the areas of process instrumentation and process analytics as well as weighing and dosing systems, our main focus is on the process industries, such as the chemicals, oil and gas and hydrocarbon processing, water and wastewater, pharmaceuticals, mining, aggregates, cement, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and shipbuilding industries.

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How to increase process efficiency and product quality In field instrumentation, maximum precision and absolutely reliable measurement results are key. Only then can you increase the efficiency of your process plants and improve their product quality. Whether you're dealing with pressure, temperature, flow, or level, we offer you a globally unique range of transmitters for field instrumentation. Our comprehensive portfolio also includes weighing and batching systems, pneumatic valve positioners, process controllers, and process recorders.

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Process Instrumentation | Pressure Measurement Pressure measurement without any "ifs" and "buts": SITRANS P SITRANS Pisa complete range of measurement instruments for measuring relative pressure, differential pressure, and absolute pressure. In addition to high measuring accuracy and ruggedness, the modular system features superb operating convenience and functionality as well as a perfect safety concept. SITRANS P320/420 - the first pressure transmitter for remote commissioning of functional safety ■ Time and effort savings due to remote commissioning of SIL devices ■ Developed in...

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SITRANS P500 • Deviations from the characteristic curve of less than 0.03% of the calibrated measuring range for different pressure and level requirements • Design of the measuring cells allows for use with media temperatures of upto 125 °C even without the use of a remote seal system • Fast step response time (T63) of only 88 ms ensures plant safety in critical applications • Graphics-enableddisplayshows curve and trend diagrams for goal-oriented process monitoring

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^ Process Instrumentation I Pressure Measurement SITRANS LH100/LH300 • Suitableforapplicationsranging from drinking water or wastewater to corrosive liquids thanks to stainless steel enclosure • Ruggedsubmersiblesensorsfor hydrostatic level measurement • Installation possible in pipes with 1" inner diameter SITRANS P200/210/220 • Single-rangetransmitterfor relative, absolute, and hydrostatic pressure • Pressure sensors: Stainless steel sensors (SITRANS P210and SITRANS P220) as well as sensors with ceramic membrane (SITRANS P200) • Conversion of measured pressure into either 4-20 mA or 0-10...

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SITRANS P300 • More than 90 different process connection variants offerthe highest degree of flexibility • Versatile communication connection via HART protocol, PROFIBUS PA, or FOUNDATION Fieldbus • Fulfills EHEDG, FDA, and 3A requirements • Maximummeasurementdeviation of 0.075% • Can be combined with flush-mounted absolute or relative pressure measuring cells

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Process Instrumentation Temperature Measurement Because every degree matters: SITRANS T SITRANS T products are the temperature measurement professionals, even in extreme conditions. Whether used in hot, cold, or hazardous environments -the communicative SITRANS T meets all expectations. And whether you're looking for sensors or transmitters for head, rail, or field mounting - all are available individually or as complete measuring points. Our cost-effective SITRANS T transmitters offer high precision in every application and are quick and easy to connect to thermocouples or resistance...

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Transmitters for rail mounting Transmitters for head mounting SITRANS TH100 • Pt 1 00 single input transmitter • Diagnostics LED • Supports four-wire PtIOO • 4-20 mA • Low-costand compact SITRANS TH320 • Universal single input transmitter • Diagnostics LED • Supports four-wire RTD/TC/mVand resistances • Supports Callendar-van-Dusen • HART 7 + SIL 2/3 (IEC 61508) • 4-20 mA • Interface for local HMI SITRANS TH420 • Universal dual input transmitter • Hot backup function • Diagnostics LED • Supports two four-wire RTD/TC/mV and resistances • Supports Callendar-van-Dusen • HART 7 + SIL 2/3 (IEC...

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