SITOP UPS1600: Uninterruptible 24V DC Power Supply - High-performance, communicative and integrated in TIA - 6 Pages

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SITOP UPS1600: Uninterruptible 24V DC Power Supply -  High-performance, communicative and integrated in TIA

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Uninterruptible 24 V DC Power Supply High-performance, communicative and integrated in TIA If a power failure occurs, not only the AC power goes out but also the 24 V DC supply and thus the complete automation system as well. Costly downtime and undefined system states can be the result. The new DC UPS modules prevent this scenario by providing reliable backup of the 24 volts for hours. They also offer new possibilities for diagnostics and system integration. The SITOP UPS1600 offers comprehensive functions, open communication via USB or Ethernet/PROFINET and is the first UPS that is fully integrated in TIA. The DC UPS modules complement 24 V power supplies from SITOP for uninterrupted rated currents up to 40 A from the UPS1100 battery modules based on maintenance-free lead batteries or more temperature-resistant batteries of pure lead. Via the integrated electronics, the UPS1600 automatically detects the type of battery and charges it at the optimal, temperaturecontrolled charging characteristics. The intelligent battery management system monitors all relevant data, including battery modules connected in parallel. The battery status and various values, such as the voltage, current or residual capacity, are output via the Ethernet/PROFINET interface. Even remote diagnostics by means of a secure network is possible thanks to an integrated web server. The device status of the UPS1600 along with the network connection can be easily monitored in the SINEMA Server network management software. The slim UPS1600 DC UPS module features dynamic overload response, which can be used to activate industrial PCs, for example. The high charging current quickly restores the buffering capacity following a power failure. For use in stand-alone mode, the UPS can be activated from the battery, for example, to start generators. The benefits at a glance ◾ Compact DC UPS modules SITOP UPS1600 24 V / 10 A, 20 A and 40 A with digital inputs and outputs, optionally with USB or Ethernet/PROFINET interface with 2 ports ◾ SITOP UPS1100 battery modules with integrated electronics comprising – 24 V / 1.2 Ah, 3.2 Ah, 7 Ah and 12 Ah lead batteries – 24 V / 2.5 Ah pure lead batteries for low and high temperatures ◾ Intelligent battery management with automatic detection of battery modules and selection of optimal, temperature-controlled charging characteristics. Monitoring of operational readiness, battery feed and charge level ◾ All diagnostic data and alarms available via USB and Ethernet/PROFINET ◾ High dynamic overload capacity: 3 times rated current for 30 ms and 1.5 times rated current for 5 sec per minute ◾ High charging currents ◾ Battery module starting when mains voltage is unavailable ◾ Remote monitoring with integrated web server ◾ SITOP UPS Manager (free software download) supports configuration and monitoring with PC-based systems ◾ Full integration in TIA: Convenient engineering in the TIA Portal, S7 function blocks for integration in user programs and WinCC facepla

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SITOP UPS1600 – the first open... Whether open or system-integrated, the communicative DC UPS can be integrated into any automation solution. Fully flexible data communication is performed via USB or Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET. Special configuration and visualization software makes it easy to integrate the DC UPS in both PC and PLC based systems. This means you benefit from the high performance of the SITOP UPS1600 in any case. The advantages of SITOP UPS1600 through integration in PC-based systems Open communication Control Control, configuring / monitoring ◾ Easy configuration and...

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Technical specifications – DC UPS modules DC UPS modules Article numbers without interface with 2 Ethernet/ PROFINET interfaces Input data Rated input voltage Uin rated/ Range Connection threshold for buffering Input current Iin rated 24 V DC/ 21 ... 29 V 22.5 V DC ± 3% (factory setting), adjustable: 21 V, 21.5 V, 22 V, 22.5 V, 23 V, 24 V, 25 V DC or via software. Approx. 14 A for max. charging Approx. 25 A for max. charging current (3 A) current (4 A) Approx. 46 A for max. charging current (5 A) Mains buffering Adjustable range using rotary coding switch 0.5 min, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10...

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Technical specifications - Battery modules Battery modules Article number Recommended end of charge voltage (set automatically by SITOP UPS1600) Charging current Rated output voltage Rated output current Integral battery fuse LED green: Battery OK Flashing green: Error or warning OFF: No communication Ambient temperature Transport/storage temperature Service life (when capacity falls to 50% of original capacity), depending on battery temperature, approx. +20 °C: 4 years, +30 °C: 2 years, +40 °C: 1 year, +50 °C: 0.5 years +20 °C: 10 years, +30 °C: 7 years, +40 °C: 3 years, +50 °C: 1.5 years,...

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WinCC system Energy Storage Link Uninterruptible 24 V DC power supply SITOP UPS1600 in Totally Integrated Automation: Engineering takes place via the TIA Portal. If a power failure occurs, the 24 V DC buffer and the inte- gration of the DC UPS in PROFINET enables the PLCs to be brought to a defined state independent of one another. Function blocks for SIMATIC S7-300, 400, 1200 and 1500 are available for this purpose. The comprehensive diagnostic data of the power supply can be visualized by various devices, for example, via UPS faceplates. Integration of the DC UPS into PROFINET is simple...

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Industrial Security Get more information More information on SITOP DC UPS: Information material for download: SITOP Selection Tool for the right power supply: Operating instructions for downloading: CAx data (2D, 3D, ePLAN macros) for downloading: Electronic ordering via Internet with the Industry Mall: Find your personal contact partner at: Siemens AG Process Industries and...

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