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SITOP PSU8600 - An integrated power supply is the future. Or already a reality.

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There’s much more to it: SITOP PSU8600 – the unique, modular power supply system with complete TIA integration Top Integration • Integrated PROFINET communication permits comprehensive data exchanges. Experience the many highlights and benefits of the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system and its many different uses. • Complete integration into TIA enables simple engineering in TIA Portal, comprehensive evaluations of operational data and diagnostic information as well as power management functions. • Integrated web server allows easy remote diagnosis via the Internet. The information provided in this brochure contains merely general descriptions or characteristics of performance which in case of actual use do not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract. The SITOP PSU8600 is the first power supply system which offers complete system integration in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). This pays off during the engineering in TIA Portal as well as in actual operation. Thus, for example, voltage and current threshold can be individually adjusted for each output of the power supply system, and the integrated overload protection enables the monitoring of the outputs. Other modules from the system can be added to meet individual requirements without any wiring effort, e.g. for buffering short power failures. All product designations may be trademarks and product names of Siemens AG or supplier companies whose use by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of the owners. Top reliability • Outputs can be individually monitored which leads to reduced downtimes. Scan the QR code using the QR reader on your mobile phone • System-specific buffer modules bridge brief power failures. • Comprehensive diagnostics ease preventive maintenance. Industrial Security Siemens provides automation and drive products with industrial security functions that support the secure operation of plants or machines. They are an important component in a holistic industrial security concept. With this in mind, our products undergo continuous development. We therefore recommend that you keep yourself informed with respect to our product updates and that you use only the latest versions. Please find further information on this subject at: You may also register for a product-specific newsletter at this address. To ensure the secure operation of a plant or machine it is also necessary to take suitable preventive action (e.g. cell protection concept) and to integrate the automation and drive components into a state-of-the-art holistic industrial security concept for the entire plant or machine. Any third-party products that may be in use must also be taken into account. Please find further information at: Follow us on: Top efficiency • Compact design saves space in the control cabinet. • System Clip Link reduces the amount of wiring • High system flexibility meets individual requirements. Siemens AG Process Industries and Drives P.O. Box 48 48 90026 Nuremberg Germany Subject to change without prior notice. Article no. PDPA-B10094-00-7600 Dispo 10001 WS 101510.0 Printed in Germany © Siemens AG 2015 • Comprehensive software support simplifies configuration and design. • Can be configured manually for commissioning • High functionality opens up new possibilities – including additional supply voltages • PROFIenergy and power management support ensure efficient energy use. To sum up: SITOP sets new standards in plant reliability and efficiency. Discover new products, functions and possibilities Top integration. Top efficiency. Top reliability. SITOP An integrated power supply is the future. Or already a reality. SITOP PSU8600 – The new SITOP system Innovation continues: New products • Two new base units with one output: 24 V/20 A, 80 mm wide 24 V/40 A, 125 mm wide Intuitive, efficient, proven – the TIA Portal redefines engineering. • New base unit with four outputs: 24 V/20 A, 4 x 5 A, 100 mm wide • Two new buffer modules with ultracaps for 4 s/40 A and 10 s/40 A Comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance information are available via PROFINET and can be evaluated by SIMATIC S7 and visualized using SIMATIC WinCC. SITOP provides the best possible support for power management for plant or machines, from capturing power data from the outputs and individually switching outputs on and off via PROFIenergy through to direct integration into power management systems. • Output voltage adjustable from 5 to 28 V DC (previously 12 - 28 V DC) • Web server enabled right on the base unit • Up to 20 outputs can be added by connecting up to four expansion modules • Bridges longer power outages of up to 20 s for 40 A; correspondingly longer with low

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Top integration – with complete system integration SITOP PSU8600 – the modular system for all requirements In addition, free WinCC faceplates are available for operating and monitoring purposes. Power supply units with one output Integrated PROFINET communication The industrial Ethernet/PROFINET interface ensures a comprehensive data exchange. The switch functionality with two ports enables the power supply system to be easily integrated into existing automation networks – in both line and ring structures. Meanwhile, the SINEMA Server network management software makes it easy to monitor...

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