SITOP PSE200U - Electronic protection of 24 V DC load circuits with fast fault localization - 4 Pages

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SITOP PSE200U - Electronic protection of 24 V DC load circuits with fast fault localization

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Electronic protection of 24 V DC load circuits with fast fault localization The SITOP PSE200U selectivity module distributes the load current across several 24 V DC load circuits and monitors them reliably for overload and short-circuit conditions. The electronics permit brief current peaks caused, for example, by high inrush currents, but isolate 24 V DC load circuits in the event of an extended overload. This is ensured even on high-resistance lines and in the case of "creeping" shortcircuits. In such cases, miniature circuit breakers fail to trip, or trip too late, even if the power supply unit could deliver the required tripping current. The SITOP PSE200U continues to supply 24 V DC to the load circuits not affected by an overload – a feature which avoids a possible total system failure. The single-channel message version facilitates rapid, channel-specific fault localization via just one digital input at the PLC. Your benefits at a glance ■ Reliable tripping regardless of cable lengths or crosssections ■ Four 24 V DC load circuits in two versions with adjustable output current range of 0.5 to 3 A or 3 to 10 A ■ Easy configuration thanks to individual setting of maximum channel current using potentiometers ■ Two versions for remote diagnostics: common signaling contact or single-channel signaling ■ Evalution for modules with single-channel signaling via free of charge SIMATIC S7 or SIMOTION function blocks ■ LEDs for fast on-site fault localization Power supply Selectivity module ■ Remote reset possible from a central location ■ Simple commissioning thanks to manual switch on/ off of channels using reset button ■ Voltage measure points for output currents (1 V = 1 A), disconnecting of load circuit is not required ■ Sequential connection delay of individual 24 V DC load circuits reduces total inrush current ■ Sealable transparent cover protects against maladjustment of tripping current and sequential delay As electronic protection, the SITOP PSE200U selectivity module switches faulty 24 V DC load circuits off immediately, and continues to supply the other 24 V DC load circuits without any interruption.

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Optimized for switched-mode power supply units The SITOP PSE200U is specially designed to protect 24 V DC individual load circuits supplied by switched-mode power supplies. Individual setting of the tripping current allows optimum adaptation to the respective load circuit. Engineering effort is minimal since the switch-off characteristic always guarantees reliable tripping – even with high line impedances that limit the short-circuit current. SITOP PSE200U reliably disconnects the faulty path as soon as the current exceeds the set value by a small amount. Increasing plant availability...

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Technical specifications SITOP PSE200U with common signaling contact Article No. SITOP PSE200U with single-channel signaling Input Rated voltage Vin rated Voltage range Input current Output Rated voltage Vout rated Number of output channels Rated current Iout rated up to +60 °C per channel Setting range per channel 0 ms, 25 ms or 100 ms (identical between outputs) or load-optimized (as soon as the previous output is less than the set rated value) Efficiency at Vout rated, Iout rated Protection and monitoring Status displays Three-color LED per channel: green for output connected, yellow for...

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Get more information More on the SITOP PSE200U selectivity module: Information material for download: Using the SITOP Selection Tool to select the appropriate power supply: Operating instructions for downloading: CAx data (2D, 3D, circuit diagram macro) as download: Industry Mall for electronic ordering: SITOP contact: Siemens AG Process Industries and Drives Process...

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