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Top integration. Top efficiency. Top reliability. SITOP SITOP Power Supply

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You can invest a lot in your power supply. Or you can profit from it. An efficient power supply is a basic requirement for operating any plant, no matter the industry or need. Critical production processes can only be maintained if a constant power supply of the necessary quality is available for the automation system. SITOP has proven its value in the manufacturing environment over many years, and guarantees a reliable power supply with a complete and precisely coordinated range of products – especially suited to the growing demands of our time. Seamlessly integrating the power supply...

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SITOP – Reference in three dimensions SITOP means top reliability You think about the best possible power supply at the time you purchase it – and then you should never have to think about it again. SITOP has proven its reliability in nearly all grids around the world. With its flexible, widerange input, outstanding load characteristics, and all relevant certifications, the SITOP concept safeguards the availability of your plant. A host of expansion components compensate individual disturbance factors like system and voltage fluctuations, and enable operation even in regions with a varying...

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SITOP means top efficiency SITOP means top integration Energy costs represent an increasingly large proportion of production costs. Any company that can save here will gain a valuable competitive advantage. SITOP makes an important contribution to energy conservation, because the primary switched-mode power supply units operate highly efficiently. For example, the SITOP modular has an efficiency of up to 95 percent. Losses are low over the entire load range, even in no-load operation. This is because in practice, a power supply is rarely operated at full load. The SITOP PSU8600 power supply...

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What an optimal power supply looks like depends on numerous factors – size, performance range, and functions, to name but a few. The extensive range of SITOP products ensures that your power supply will always match your requirements. Overview of SITOP product lines SITOP compact SITOP lite SITOP smart The slim power supply for control boxes The flat power supply for distribution boards The cost-effective basic power supply The powerful standard power supply SITOP compact SITOP lite SITOP compact was developed to be an extremely spacesaving power supply for the lower power range. It is...

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Rated voltages (V DC) Rated currents (A) Switchable parallel Signaling contact “Output voltage OK” Ambient temperature range Explosion protection: ATEX, IECEx, or FM Approved for shipbuilding: GL or ABS - Redundancy module - Selectivity/diagnostic module - Buffer module - DC UPS Energy efficiency Overload characteristics Selection matrix of SITOP product lines for mounting on top hat rails SITOP modular SIMATIC Design Special designs The technology power supply for demanding solutions The optimal supply for SIMATIC S7 and more Equipped for special functions and conditions SITOP modular...

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Complex systems place highest demands on their components in terms of efficiency, flexibility and reliability. The new power supply system from SITOP meets all of these – thanks, for example, to its high performance, comprehensive diagnostic information, complete integration into TIA, modular expansion capability and optimized support for power management. SITOP PSU8600 – the modular power supply system with complete TIA integration Top integration – with complete system integration into TIA The innovative SITOP PSU8600 power supply system is completely integrated into Totally Integrated...

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The modular system toolbox Base unit Expansion modules Buffer modules Power supply 24 V/20 A or 40 A with one or four selectively monitored outputs Expansion up to 20 selectively monitored outputs Bridging short power failures up to 20 seconds at 40 A Did you know that … ew base units, buffer modules, and functions open up even more possibilities n with the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system? Because the voltage and current for each output can be continuously recorded and transmitted via PROFINET, dynamic, continuous or more frequent overload situations can be identified and plant downtimes...

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Processes and plants that are critical for a company’s business generally require additional protection measures. SITOP add-on modules individually protect your production against many sources of risk. SITOP add-on modules – all-round protection à la carte Add-on modules For increasing system availability to all-round protection Safeguarding against failure through redundancy Selective disconnection of faulty 24-V feeders Two power supply units can be connected via the SITOP redundancy module for additional failure safety. If one unit fails, the other automatically takes over the power...

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Configuration with redundancy module Power supply unit Redundancy module Configuration with selectivity module Power supply unit Power supply unit Selectivity module Configuration with buffer module PLC SITOP smart, SITOP modular power supply SITOP modular Buffer module Did you know that … ur customers use SITOP power supply units in manufacturing, process and o Power failures usually last only for fractions of a second – however, they can cause time- and cost-intensive damage to sensitive production areas. Used in combination with the 24-V DC power supply units of the SITOP smart product...

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Power outages can bring a plant to a standstill, with high costs in terms of both time and money. The SITOP DC UPS provides perfect protection against unexpected downtimes and so guarantees uninterrupted plant operation. An in-house software solution supports ongoing processing of status messages, safe shutdowns, and correct restarting of your system. SITOP ensures reliable 24-V supply – even when the power fails DC UPS, uninterruptible DC power supply Reliable 24-V supply – even when the power fails SITOP DC UPS with capacitors For use both inside and outside the control cabinet These...

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