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SGT-A65 gas turbine For power generation and mechanical drive applications Designed for industrial power generation and mechanical drive applications, the SGT-A65 (Industrial Trent 60) is a p ­ roven benchmark for ­ ower output, fuel economy, and p cost savings. Based on ­ olls-Royce Aero Engine technology, R it also offers outstanding operating flexibility for a variety of demanding applications. High flexibility • Available with WLE and DLE ­combustion systems • Fast start up (5 mins) and fast ramp rate • High cycling capability Important features • Low emissions maintained on different fuels • Maximized uptime • Robust industrial design • Small environmental footprint Customer service and maintenance • 24-hour gas generator swap • Maximized serviceability – on-site maintenance or gas generator removal for off-site maintenance • Modular design allows for exchange of entire modules for repairs • Minimized load-to-load downtime • Tailored service options, from i ­nstallation and commissioning to upgrades and retrofits • 24-hour global help desk • 60 to 71 MW(e)/58 to 62 MW gas turbine • 41.3 to 43.8% simple cycle ­efficiency • Highest simple cycle efficiency • Designed for high operational f ­ lexibility including fast start and stop • Modular and single-lift design for ease of maintenance • Robust, reliable technology • Well-proven dry low emission (DLE) combustion system < 25 ppmvd • On-load fuel changeover (gas to liquid fuel and liquid fuel to gas) with wet low emission (WLE) version • Low lifecycle costs • Minimal efficiency drop-off at part-load and reduce speed conditions Multi-shaft design requires minimal v ­ ariable guide vanes. WLE or DLE combustion systems to suit your applications that meet or exceed your permitting requirements. The SGT-A65 can cold-start to full power in under 5 minutes and is the most powerful, proven aero-derivative gas turbine in its class Integrated low pressure turbine and c ­ ompressor tailored to match your speed requirements in industrial power generatio

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Power generation package The SGT-A65 package is built from fully a ­ ssembled and tested modules to allow quick installation, reliable operation, and ease of maintenance in the field. • Fast installation and commissioning • Modular and flexible package design • Single-lift capability Mechanical drive package The SGT-A65 is ideally suited to meet the high power and variable-speed demands of natural gas liquefaction, gas transportation, and gas induction for oil recovery applications. • Variable power turbine speed: 70 to 105% • Full train starting with power as low as 350 kW • Direct drive...

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