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Medium Voltage & Systems Vacuum generator circuit-breaker Type HB3 Horizontal busbar, single-phase encapsulated HB3 generator circuit-breaker switchgear with vacuum switching technology up to 400 MW Siemens offers a fully customizable stationary type vacuum generator circuit-breaker switchgear tested to IEEE C37.013 standard. Each design is engineered to meet the specific electrical and mechanical application requirements of the project. Features and benefits: • All medium-voltage switching components, including the vacuum generator circuit-breaker, are mounted on a removable, fully integrated, compact switching module for each pole • Continuous current ratings up to 12,700 A, self-cooled • Interrupting ratings up to 110 kA • Maximum design voltage up to 24 kV • Tested to IEEE C37.013 standard for generator circuit-breakers • Up to 30 interruptions at rated short-circuit current • No use of gas for insulation or interruption • Pair with Siemens protective relays to provide complete generator protection switchgear • Uses the latest developments in vacuum interrupter axial-magneticfield (AMF) technology • Highly reliable vacuum interrupters –– MTTF over 53,550 years • Highly reliable spring-drive operating mechanism due to use of common type 3AH3 operator platform • Over 120,000 type 3AH3 operators produced since 1998 and over 25,000 operators produced per year • 10,000 continuous current switching operations • Complete switchgear shipped as one final-assembled unit • Significantly lower life-cycle costs due to: –– Reduced inspection and maintenance costs –– Maintenance-free, stored-energy (spring) operator • Optional start-up disconnector for connection to SFC • Connections to generator and step-up transformer using isolatedphase busbar (not furnished) • Current and voltage transformers available to suit specifications • Surge arresters and surge capacitors optionally available. One pole of type HB3 vacuum generator circuit-breaker HB3 vacuum generator circuit-brea

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Published by Siemens AG Smart Infrastructure Distribution Systems Mozartstrasse 31c 91052 Erlangen Germany For the U.S. published by Siemens Industry Inc. 100 Technology Drive Alpharetta, GA 30005 United States Article No. SIDS-B10016-00-7600 TH 260-190967 DA 1019 Subject to changes and errors. The information given in this document only contains general descriptions and/or performance features which may not always specifically reflect those described, or which may undergo modification in the course of further development of the products. The requested performance features are binding only...

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