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GEAFOL - cast-resin transformers - 1 Transforming know-how into top technology all round GEAFOL cast-resin transformers

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The safe technology GEAFOL cast-resin transformers Wherever distribution transformers have to assure the utmost safety in areas frequented by people, GEAFOL® cast-resin transformers are the ideal solution. With GEAFOL, the limitations of liquid-filled transformers are avoided, but the proven characteristics such as operating safety and service life are retained. GEAFOL cast-resin transformers comply with IEC 60076-11 or EN 60076-11 as well as VDE 0532-76-11. However, they can also be designed to meet special national regulations or customer wishes. We offer tailored solutions that meet all...

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GEAFOL transformers, with their environmentally sustainable technology and versatility, ensure efficient energy distribution at load centers. GEAFOL transformers cover an output range from 50 kVA to approx. 50 MVA with operating voltages up to 52 kV.

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Potting of the winding in the vacuum furnace Partially potted HV winding with magnified cross-section of coil

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The perfect technology GEAFOL cast-resin transformers The GEAFOL principle has succeeded in producing transformers with excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics, which have also proved to be particularly compatible with the environment. Why aluminum? The thermal expansion coefficients of aluminum and the used cast resin are so similar that thermal stresses due to load changes are kept to a minimum. Maintenance-free – environmentally friendly – rugged: The insulation GEAFOL transformers are insulated with an epoxy resin  / quartz powder mixture. This is an environmentally...

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The flexible technology GEAFOL cast-resin transformers 50 % performance reserves – with radial-flow fans Radial-flow fans with temperature-dependent control can be installed to provide capacity reserves and to cover peak load periods. In this way, the transformer output can be raised by up to 50 %. To simplify installation and connection, the transformer is optionally available with connection on either the HV or LV side, top or bottom (note: LV connections are usually located on top, if fans are installed). Plug connections are also available. Uncomplicated: Planning with maximum freedom...

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GEAFOL - Transformer technology at a glance: |i Three-limb core made of grain-oriented, low-loss electrolaminations insulated on both sides |2 LV winding made of aluminum strip; turns firmly glued together by means of insulating sheet wrapper material (prepreg) 3 HV winding consisting of vacuum-potted single foil-type aluminum coils; see also page 4 |4 LV terminals |5 Delta connection tubes with HV terminals 6 Coil support system to insulate core and windings from mechanical vibrations, resulting in low noise emissions as well as allowing free expansion of the components in case of...

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