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SIPROTEC Compact - 1

Perfect protection - smallest space

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SIPROTEC Compact - 2

SIPROTEC Compact Catalog SIPROTEC Compact SIPROTEC 5 / DVD DIGSI 5 SIPROTEC 4 Tutorial Tutorial Selection Guide SIPROTEC and Reyrolle SIPROTEC 5 Devices Catalog Protection, Automation and Monitoring SIPROTEC 4 Catalog - SIPROTEC easy - SIPROTEC 600 Series - Communication - Accessories 1) only in English 2) In preparation Fig. 1/1  Overview of Siemens protection catalogs SIPROTEC Compact catalog The catalog describes the features of the SIPROTEC Compact series and presents the available devices and their application possibilities. Selection guide The selection guide offers an overview of the...

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SIPROTEC Compact - 3

Introduction Page Overview of all SIPROTEC device series 1/5 to 1/10 Catalog SIP 3.01 • Edition 4 Invalid: Catalog SIP 3.01 ■ Edition 3 SIPROTEC Compact Selection table, system features, operating programs 2/1 to 2/16 Products Line Differential Protection SIPROTEC 7SD80 3/1 to 3/22 Overcurrent Protection SIPROTEC 7SJ80 4/1 to 4/30 Overcurrent Protection SIPROTEC 7SJ81 for Low-Power Current Transformer Applications 5/1 to 5/22 Generator and Motor Protection SIPROTEC 7SK80 Generator and Motor Protection SIPROTEC 7SK81 for Low-Power Current Transformer Applications...

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SIPROTEC Compact - 4

Introduction Editorial The SIPROTEC Compact series has been especially conceived for the requirements of the medium-voltage and industrial sector, but it can of course also be used for other applications such as high-voltage switchgear, for example. The outstanding feature of the SIPROTEC Compact series is the compact design offering, at the same time, a high functional density and user friendliness. In the development of the SIPROTEC Compact series we have integrated our experience from more than 100 years of protection systems, the proven functions of SIPROTEC 4, and many customer...

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SIPROTEC Compact - 5

Introduction SIPROTEC device series Solutions for today‘s and future power supply systems – for more than 100 years SIPROTEC has established itself on the energy market for decades as a powerful and complete system family of numerical protection relays and bay controllers from Siemens. As the innovation driver and trendsetter in the field of protection systems for more than 100 years, Siemens helps system operators to design their grids in an intelligent, ecological, reliable and efficient way, and to operate them economically. As a pioneer, Siemens has decisively influenced the development...

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SIPROTEC Compact - 6

Introduction SIPROTEC device series Thanks to the high modularity of hardware and software, the functionality and hardware of the devices can be tailored to the requested application and adjusted to the continuously changing requirements throughout the entire life cycle. Besides the reliable and selective protection and the complete automation function, SIPROTEC 5 offers an extensive database for operation and monitoring of modern power supply systems. Synchrophasors (PMU), power quality data and extensive operational equipment data are part of the scope of supply. Fig. 1/6  IPROTEC 5 –...

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SIPROTEC Compact - 7

Introduction SIPROTEC device series SIPROTEC Compact – Maximum protection – minimum space Reliable and flexible protection for energy distribution and industrial systems with minimum space requirements. The devices of the SIPROTEC Compact family offer an extensive variety of functions in a compact and thus space-saving 1/6 x 19“ housing. The devices can be used as main protection in medium-voltage applications or as back-up protection in high-voltage systems. SIPROTEC Compact provides suitable devices for many applications in energy distribution, such as the protection of feeders, lines or...

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SIPROTEC Compact - 8

Introduction SIPROTEC device series SIPROTEC 4 represents a worldwide successful and proven device series with more than 1 million devices in field use. Due to the homogenous system platform, the unique engineering program DIGSI 4 and the great field experience, the SIPROTEC 4 device family has gained the highest appreciation of users all over the world. Today, SIPROTEC 4 is considered the standard for numerical protection systems in all fields of application. SIPROTEC 4 provides suitable devices for all applications from power generation and transmission up to distribution and industrial...

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SIPROTEC Compact - 9

Introduction SIPROTEC device series SIPROTEC easy SIPROTEC easy are CT power supplied, numerical overcurrent protection relays, which can be used as line and transformer protection (back-up protection) in electrical power supply systems with single-ended supply. They offer overcurrent protection and overcurrent protection functions according to IEC and ANSI. The comfortable operation via DIP switch is self-explanatory and simple. • wo-stage time-overcurrent protection T LSP3.01-0005.eps • Saving the auxiliary power supply by operation via integrated current transformer supply •...

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SIPROTEC Compact - 10

1/10 SIPROTEC Compact · SIEMENS SIP 3.01 · Edition 4

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SIPROTEC Compact - 11

Protection Systems SIPROTEC Compact

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SIPROTEC Compact - 12

SIPROTEC Compact selection table 2/3 SIPROTEC Compact system features 2/5 Control and automation functions 2/9 Operating programs DIGSI 4 and SIGRA 4 2/10 2/2 SIPROTEC Compact ■ SIEMENS SIP 3.01 ■ Edition 4

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SIPROTEC Compact - 13

SIPROTEC Compact selection table

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SIPROTEC Compact - 14

Table 2/1 SIPROTEC Compact relay selection table

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SIPROTEC Compact - 15

Protection Systems – SIPROTEC Compact SIPROTEC Compact system features Field devices in energy distribution systems and in industrial applications must cover the most varying tasks, and yet be adjustable easily and at short notice. These tasks comprise, for example: • rotection of different operational equipment such as P lines, cables, motors and busbars • ecoupling and disconnecting of parts of the power D supply system • oad shedding and load restoration L • oltage and frequency protection V • Local or remote control of circuit-breakers • cquisition and recording of measured values and...

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SIPROTEC Compact - 16

Protection Systems – SIPROTEC Compact SIPROTEC Compact system features Feeder Protection SIPROTEC 7SC80 Load balancing The Feeder Automation device SIPROTEC 7SC80 is designed for decentralized as well as for centralized feeder automation applications. This solution allows various flexible high speed applications like Balance the load within a feeder by moving the disconnection. FLISR (Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration) Detect and locate a fault in the feeder, isolate the faulty section and set the healthy portions of the feeder back into service Activation of individual...

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