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Description The SIPROTEC 7UT87 transformer differential protection has been designed specifically for the protection of multiwinding transformers (up to 5 sides). Furthermore, it is to be used where numerous measuring points (up to 11 3-phase current measuring points) are required. Another application is simultaneous protection of two parallel transformers (additional fast backup protection). The SIPROTEC 7UT87 is the main protection for the transformer and contains many other protection and monitoring functions. The additional protection functions can also be used as backup protection for subsequent protected objects (such as short cables. and lines, reactance coil (shunt reactors)).. With its modular structure, flexibility and the powerful DIGSI 5 engineering tool, SIPROTEC 7UT87 offers future-oriented solutions for protection, control, automation, monitoring and PQ basic. Main function Up to 3 differential protection functions with additional stabilization (in different transformer function groups); up to 5 ground fault differential protection functions. For auto transformer applications, two differential protection functions can be processed in an auto transformer function group Interoperability of SIPROTEC 4 and SIPROTEC 5-line protection devices when using the line differential protection function in the 7UT85, 86, 87 Usable 11 x 3-phase current measuring points, measurlng 11x 1- phase current measuring points, p0ints 11x 3-phase and 11 x 1- phase voltage measuring points Inputs and 2 predefined standard variants with 20 current 0utputs transformers, 4 voltage transformers, 15 to 27 binary inputs, 22 to 38 binary outputs Hardware flexi- Flexibly adjustable and expandable I/O quantity bility structure within the scope of the SIPROTEC 5 modular system. Housing width 2/3 x 19" - 2/1 x 19" Applications • Protection of special transformers (phase shifter, FACTS and converter transformers, arc furnace transformers, HVDC transformers) SIPROTEC 7UT87 • As backup protection for motor and generator differential protection applications • For the protection of short cables and lines • Voltage control for two- and three-winding transformers with parallel control • As additional line protection function such as distance and line differential protection Functions DIGSI 5 permits all functions to be configured and combined as required. In SIPROTEC 7UT87, two transformer function groups can be used. • Transformer differential protection for multi-winding transformers with versatile, additional protection functions (multi-winding transformers are typical in power converter applications (such as HVDC)) • Transformer differential protection for phase angle regulating transformers of the single core and two core types, and special transformers • Transformer protection applications with up to 11 3-phase current measuring points • Simultaneous differential protection for 3 parallel transformers (such as 3 two-winding transformers) • Universal usability of the permissible measuring points • Applicable from average up to extra high voltage • Protection of standard power transformers, auto transformers, short lines, cables, shunt reactors, and

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• Typical properties of a transformer differential protection such as flexible adaptation to the transformer vector group, control of inrush and overexcitation processes, safe behavior in case of current-transformer saturation with different degrees of saturation • Fault locator plus for accurate fault location with in-homogenous line sections and targeted automatic overhead-line section reclosing (AREC) • Arc protection • Voltage controller function ANSI 90V for two-winding transformers, three-winding transformers and grid coupling transformers with parallel control (master/follower,...

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